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To the National Black Republican Association

Good for NBRA’s move to impeach Obama.  Our website carries the same message.  But the letterhead states the Constitutional Foundation’s efforts to protect the Constitution and save America.  In a mere four years, TCF accomplished the exposure of America’s being socialized, against expert advice that it couldn’t be done.  In 2008, the Wall Street Journal was publishing articles of Socialism in America.  TCF moved to the next step, the solution to protect the Constitution to save America.

TCF wished to make NBRA members aware that there is a solution to America’s foreign ideologist of anti-America’s deterioration in all facets of our society.  The other reason, if NBRA can manage a mention of the enclosed solution to America’s foreign ideologists, it has been our experience, that the NBRA will gather a lot of grassroots attention to support NBRA’s impeachment move.

Impeachment will do away with an administration full of anti-Americans who are beholden to assist the United nations objective to rule a global government.  Biden would not be so anti-American, even if he is the Establishment — but he is not the Communist that Obama is.  TCF had Obama pegged for what he was when he uttered the word’ change’ for the first time.  We knew he meant Socialism, and he could not be trusted.  His doing have proved all we’ve said about him and his anti-Americanism.

The solution can only be accomplished when we get thousands of Americans involved in getting the momentum behind us.  Once the solution becomes common knowledge, the grassroots will move to see it get enacted.  Good luck on your impeachment efforts.  TCF offers it’s support!

Toby Elster

Re: ‘The Origins of Political Correctness’ Accuracy in Media

Reading this brought disappointment.  The Constitutional Foundation discontinued using politically correct language a year or two ago.  TCF defines political correctness as ‘The Socialists language which they use to hide themselves, their beliefs, and their lies’.  We serve to address the grassroots.  It is the grassroots who will save America!

Personally, I can only speak as a socialist would as I do understand as well as those the pamphlet named, and who always despised the society with their corruption and evil that allowed their existence.

What was set out in the Lind addresses in not questioned, but the origin of political correctness didn’t begin after World War I.  That may be when the ‘big minds’ decided to take over and claim the origin by putting some deep university ‘smartness’ to work for the Socialists.

Political Correctness came to be when Socialism became politicized with the Order of the Illuminati.  The Order created the methods to create what the people would not accept, which the Socialists still use and was used by the Fabians to socialize America.  Why Americans are still misled and fooled by what they are not told remains unbelievable to me.  This is exactly how it was planned though.

I understand Obama has a group of Political Correct thinkers thinking up new PC terms to cover up their lies he utters in his speeches.

Just keeping the records straight.

Toby Elster

American Free Press ‘ Putting We the People Back in Charge’ Response

I don’t reply to ads but Martin ‘Red’ Beckman is an exception.  His article in the American Free Press is a must if Americans are going to take our America back from the socialists and communists.  One can learn a lot spending 40 + years studying, researching, and finding answers to why, how, and who is responsible for America’s anti-American ideology in our midst.  The information as to what went wrong, leads to finding solutions.

We, the people, lost control of Congress because of one of America’s great Socialist Presidents, FDR, who gave America the Wagner Act of 1935, which gave the hierarchy of the trade unions a monopoly over the workers; join, pay dues, or no jobs.  The unions amassed so much money they actually bought the government; Congressmen, judges, boards, committees, presidents, and any and all who would get in their way.  Politicians serve the money!

Red Beckman, to ‘put we the people back in charge’ means getting rid of the Wagner Act and making the unions strictly volunteer organizations, like every organization in America.

Toby Elster