America Steps into Socialism

Introduction: Those who came to America, the Fabians of London, as Liberals knew that America could never be socialized except through education.  To capture the American education system and use it to indoctrinate socialism was a major objective to fulfilling their dreams of a one-world government.  Our Founders told us that for a Democracy to work, it must have an educated society.  They were not talking about reading, writing, and arithmetic.  They meant that our society should be knowledgeable with an understanding of the philosophy on which the Constitution is based.  American schools taught this foundation until about 1965.  What happened then?

1899-1903: America’s “liberal” socializers of America penetrated the Ivy League colleges to have their Marxism-Socialism taught.

1903-1920’s: The Socialists get the General Education Board through Congress, the GEB Act of 1903.  Rockefeller funded it and it became the “Ogden Movement”.  The Fabians “New Education” is peddled to the colleges and universities to teach. The dominant figure in the area of re-education for the New Social Order was John Dewey.

1932-1950’s:  John Dewey is elected president of the National Education Association (NEA) in 1932.  Their schools distribute the “Weekly Reader”, which begins a consistant “the government should do” message of indoctrination for what the people were doing for themselves.  The Fabian socialist disciples start the penetration of the NEA’s seats of authority with ‘closet’ socialists and an easing out of the ‘non-believers’ — the Patriotic Educators.

1950 – 1965: The Socialists take control of the NEA.  They socialize the NEA with their believers from the top downward through the chain of authority into the PTA’s.  Positions of authority within the education system are filled with their ‘believers’.  The parents are eased out of the system.  The Socialists now influence American education through the colleges and universities down through K-12.

1965-1995:  The socialized NEA dumbs down education in K-12 classrooms to creat a dependency on government for the coming generations.  They also ease out the teaching of Americanism (that whcih our Founders told us was necessary to make a democracy work) and substituted the indoctrination of the United Nations’ worldview to soften America’s resolved against becoming part of the one-world government.  In 1976, the NEA used it’s political clout to make a traitor of Jimmy Carter.  They supported his election for President, in which they received the Department of Education.  The destruction of American education accelerates as the NEA now has influence over the classrooms curriculum, text books’ content, and what is taught.

1995-Present: A resistance to the NEA starts to build at the parent’s level as American education is flooded with legislation directing the education of anti-American, pro-socialistic, school programs to be taught.  The NEA moves for America’s education system to take control of the pre-schooling of toddlers.  They want to influence the children before the parents can.  (The same thing Hilter and his Nazis did to build their war machine for world conquest.)

The quickest solution for America’s education problem is by getting the NEA back into the hands of Patriotic Teachers to restore America’s education to what it was prior to the 1900’s — when it educated Americanism and there was no socialism of any consequence in America!


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