Socialism in America Reviewed

Socialism’s Consequences: Socialism undermines a society’s moral, cultural, religious, and economic foundation.

Religion is a charity; it lends a helping hand.  Socialism is welfarism; it creates a dependency on government.

Socialism always starts at the top of the government’s power structur.  It progresses through corruption.

Socialists spend and tax; tax and spend.  Government grows and grows under socialism.


The bigger the government, the more it will get in the way at the expense of the people’s loss of their freedoms and rights.

Socialism is the first step to Communism.

Socialism’s economic system is the distribution of wealth.  It has no system for production.

Soclialism and the Consitution are opposites. ONE WILL GO!
The National Rifle Association (NRA) efforts are towards protecting the Second Amendment.  America needs a similar group that will protect the Constitution, otherwise all that Americanism has created will be destroyed under Socialism.

America’s Steps Into Socialism

1899-1915:     The Fabians (of London) come to America as Liberals with an idea of a world of Marxist-Socialism and a one-world government to socialize America.  They penetrated America’s colleges to teach their beliefs of Socialism as the ‘new education’.

1915:               Soclaism is recognized for what it is in the Wislon Administration.  This begins what is known as the Progressive Era.

1915-1940:     The Progressive Era: The foundation for the socialization of America is laid and comnced.

1932:              Franklin Roosevelt is elected President and commences legislating socialism into American society as the New Deal.  In 1935, legislation is passed that shifts the power from the people to special interests.

1940-1948:    Communist spying surfaces.  American socialists, now deeply penetrated into all departments of government, are undercover, some are Communists.  In 1945, FDR gives the socialists their world headquarters, the United Nations.

1948-1952:    The Communist spy hunt: The Socialists go underground, mostly into academia as professors and teach their socialistic beliefs.

1965-1975:     Under cover of the Vietnam War, the socialists out their activities, but remain hidden as leftists and liberals.

1975-2006:    The Socialists move their agenda into the courts to get their legislation awarded by socialist educated judges since Congress won’t take it up.  America’s creep into socialism starts to gain momentum.  Christianity goes under attack.  Private property and freedoms are under attack.  Government grows by leaps and bounds.  The National Debt is besieged by wreckless and wasteful spending.  Government becomes more and more corrupt.  Patriotic Americans lose their freedoms and rights, piece by piece.

2006-2008:  The Democrats win the Congressional elections and take control of Congress.  A Progressive Caucus (of Socialists) forms in Congress.  With immigration falling apart, the secretive plan for the North American Union getting outed, and the Socialists’ plan for their New World Order of a one-world government coming about, Patriotic Americans begin to get stirred up.

2008-Present: A hardened Socialist, Barack Obama is elected President.  He moves to socialize the banks, industry, and healthcare.  Resistance builds against the President and the Democratc controlled House and Senate.  His administration of ‘czars’ to run the Bureaucracy comes under attack.  A ‘Silent Revolution’ comes to the forefront.  Will it save Americanism and the Constitution?  It now depends on the Patriotic Americans!


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