Response to “At War With the Idea of America”

Three cheers to Tom Panik for his letter, “At War with the Idea of America.”  (The Washington Times Weekly Edition 1/4/2010)  He states what every Patriotic American must move towards.  “This party (Democrat) has declared war on the American people.  We, the people, must purge our government of this socialist evil for the survival of our Constitutional Republic.  Every day must be open season on Democrats until this socialist evil has been exorcised from our government.”  Except attacking the Democrats won’t get the job done.  There are plenty of Republican socialists anymore, and Progressives are socialists also.  But what will accomplish “exorcising our socialist evil” is amending the definition of Traitor in the Constitution (Article III, Section 3).  If the definition read that all whose efforts can or will destroy the Constitution, which socialism does, they are Traitors and can be punished as we punish our spies spying for a foreign country.  That will also accomplish what our Founders warned us to do about guarding our freedoms and rights.  While we are at it, the Oath of Office, to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution be made sacred too.  Violators should be subject to dismissal, if they can’t be prosecuted.

With the amendment enacted, now America can be restored to Her greatness of yesteryear.  The People will see to that!
Toby Elster


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