Response to “How We Can Take Back Government”

“How We Can Take Back Government” by Quentin Waite’s letter in the American Free Press February 1,2010 edition.  Think about what was written, naming 10 major issues that need to be enacted.  By Who?  The same ones whose previous anti-Constitutional enactments which were responsible for the deterioration that now requires those issues to repair the Constitution?  Mark Levin ended his book, “Liberty and Tyranny” with a suggested “Conservative Manifesto” of ten major departments, with similar departmentalized issues and suggests doing what has been tried for sixty years now.  That was surprising since Levin knows what caused America to go wrong — the “Tyranny” part.

If one knows the reasons and causes, researching the who and why of America’s Enemy Within — Her anti-American Socialists/Communists, Constitution-Destroyers who inhabit the White House and Congress today and make them the TRAITORS they are, then American can be put back together.  The definition of Treason in the Constitution needs to be brought into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire need today.  All whose efforts or sedition will or can destroy the Constitution should be able to be prosecuted for Treason.  And the Oath of Office should be made sacred too!  Govern by it or resign.

Furthermore, making anti-American Constitution-Destroyers Traitors gives we, the People, the means to protect our freedoms and rights from this ever happening again.  Amending the Constitution as stated creates this power.

WAKE UP PATRIOTIC AMERICANS!  You are needed to ‘force’ the Amendment through Congress.  That is taking back our government!  Then the people can see to getting the issues enacted that will restore Americanism and America’s greatness once again.

Toby Elster


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