State of Kansas economic problems

Gov. Parkinson is out of his mind.  Instead of raising taxes, he should be cutting them.  The states that handled these rough times all had lower taxes and attracted businesses for growth.  The governor should be reminded of the Lafler curve.

Rep. Steve Brunk created a chart that showed the spending of Kansas Governors starting in the 1960’s.  Gov. Carlin, who was as good a socialist as there is, spread the state government thin.  The State Budge Curve, at the very least, needs to stay flat.  The answer is to cut wasteful spending!  People should learn to take care of themselves again.  Nearly all the crying is done by the bureaucrats  who staff the departments!  I can’t blame them for being scared for their jobs, but they should learn there is a civilian society too where jobs can be had.

Regarding the schools and the current lawsuit for funding; let them squawk!  They’ll never have “enough money”, but cutting the excessive amounts of money that is spent will still afford them the money needed to pa teachers, and educate the students!  The judge who signed the petition to let the bureaucrats sue the Legislators should be defrocked!  The Court should have been told last time to keep their nose out of the Legislator’s business, and money wouldn’t have been wasted now by education bureaucrats whose ego’s are too big for their heads!

These who are trying to destroy our country and our state need to be prosecuted as the Traitors they are!  Their intent has always been to destroy the Constitution because it stands in their way of their one-world government of Socialism under the United Nations.

The Constitutional Foundation has the solution to put a stop to this now and forever.  We propose to amend the Constitution so that those whose actions or intent are to or will destroy the Constitution are Traitors.  As Traitors, they can be prosecuted for Treason; the same way we prosecute our spies who spy for a foreign government.  What is required is to redefine the definition of Traitor in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution and bring it into the 21st Century to serve America today in Her dire needs.

The message to amend the Constitution needs to be spread far and wide.  It will take a grassroots movement of Patriotic Americans to push it through Congress.  The people must hear about this movement.  The amendment, once enacted, would also give, We the People, the means to protect our freedoms and rights.  America’s Enemy Within is shredding the Constitution!  We must make these people the Traitors they are!

Toby Elster


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