Go Tea Partiers!

Don’t lose your momentum.  The Tea Parties are the best thing that has happened for Patriotic Americans since FDR set the socialization of America by taking Socialism from the government agencies and put their Fabian Marxist/Socialism into the society through the New Deal.  Obama got the identical media coverage as FDR did selling his supposedly ‘change’.  His ‘change’ is the same Marxist/Socialism that the powers behind FDR wanted.  Having Obama in office, they hope to finish off the socialization of America and ‘slip’ Her under the umbrella of the United Nations’ one-world government, completely nullifying the Constitution and ceding America’s sovereignty.

If this comes as a surprise, it shouldn’t.  The Socialist movement came to America in 1899, and was funded by John Rockefeller in 1903.  Today the movement is stronger than ever.  Yet, the world movement, led by the Council of Foreign Relation and the Bilderbergers, funded by the world’s wealthiest, appear to be running scared!  Getting America into their fold may not happen.  One can pray they misjudged and made a fatal mistake with Obama, their mouth piece, and that the Tea Parties will awaken America to stay together, grow stronger and more influential to undo the 100 years of socializing America.  And that barely touches the tip of the iceburg.  But they can still be beat!  The how is why I write.  Patriotic Americans can beat them, but they must know what is happening.

America became great from the foundation our Founders created for the New Republic based on a Democracy and Capitalism (the only thing that makes Democracy work).  They recognized the inherent motivations of humanity for peace, tranquility and prosperity; namely freedom, private property, rights, and the pursuit of a spiritual faith, the basis for human behavior.  From their knowledge, as enunciated in the Constitution, came the answer for peace and prosperity for humanity.  The Founders also understood the evil of humans too, those who lust for power, control and wealth, and warned us to guard what they bestowed for America’s future generations.  It wasn’t enough as the past 100 years have proven.  Either the Founders underestimated the persistence and lust of the elitists who craved the power, wealth and self-satisfaction or having their way at any cost.  Or they assumed, after they expelled those of the Illuminati from the New World who craved world dictatorship, would suffice.  It hasn’t!  They are here with all their secrecy, unethical methods, and disregard of human’s desires, undermining the foundation for world peace and prosperity — the American Constitution!

The Founders failed to write into the Constitution a means, by law, to protect the very instrument, The Constitution, the New Republic rested on.  But they did give us the means to correct the omission.  Had the Founders, instead of just warning to protect, made it a Treasonous act to move to destroy the Constitution, when the Fabians came to America, they could have been stopped before they got their evil Marxist/Socialism started.  That can still be accomplished by amending the Constitution and bringing the definition of Treason into the 21st century, to serve America today in Her dire need.

The mentality that America faces today comes from those who move to destroy Americanism for a world order under the United Nations.  Their policies and control are subject to the whims and desires of the world’s most wealthy, using the principles of Socialism for centralized control come from the Order of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati came from a Bavarian professor of 1776 who hated his Catholic upbringing, detested religion and it’s tenets of behavior, hated monarchs, and believed only he knew how to rule the world.  He created a movement with lies, secrecy and deceit for world happiness, penetrated the lodges of the Free Masons, and the movement spread, especially through France and Germany.  They also believed in population control.  What came out of the movement?  The French Revolution, Communism, Socialism and all the “isms’ of fascism, namely Leninism, Marxism, Stalism, Nazism, et al, and over 200 million deaths during the 20th Century.  Now their ”isms’ move to control Americanism.

To stop them, and the quickest way to minimize the damage they do to America is to amend the Constitution, and to make all whose efforts will destroy the Constitution the Traitors they are.  They are no different, probably worse, then our spies who spy for a foreign country.  They should be punishable accordingly.  These Traitors riddle our government from the top down.  They are present in ever department and bureaucracy.  Most of them are anti-American Socialists who believe in or are beholden to the one-world government people.  The message to amend the Constitution, Article III, Section 3, which defines Treason, must include those whose efforts will or can destroy the Constitution.  Socialism is the opposite of America’s Capitalism, so either the Constitution survives or America goes with Socialism, which, as Lenin and Stalin both stated, is the first step to Communism.  The Tea Party needs to spread this message!

Toby Elster


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