What Went Wrong With Our Schools?

“This article appeared in the American Free Press on October 15, 2007 by Toby Elster”

Tony Buzzard’s “Homeschooling is the Answer” (AFP Sept. 24, 2007) has a proved valid point, but American schools used to educate patriotic citizens.  So what went wrong?  All parents cannot home school.

The self-righteous, do-goodism wasn’t in the schools when they educated for Americanism (which protects the people’s freedoms and rights-the Constitution) self-sufficiency, independence and instilled an ability to reason and think.

What went wrong was that America had moved into socialism.

In 1932, America’s great socialist educator, John Dewey, became president of the nation Education Association (NEA).  The NEA began an indoctrination of “the government should not do for what the people were doing for themselves.”  Twenty-five years later the socialists took control of the NEA and turned into a teacher’s union for political power.  During his administration, Jimmy Carter allowed NEA socialists to gain control of the Department of Education as a way to thank them for their overwhelming support in the 1976 election.

Education of Americanism was eased out and a socialistic world view and a dependency on government were installed for education.

Education was dumbed down to erase the ability to think.  And so America sinks deeper into socialism.

The way to fix the public schools is to help the patriotic teachers and educators regain control of the NEA and the teachers and parents to take back their local school boards from the government.  Then the schools will work again, but not until then!

Toby Elster


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