What Went Wrong With American Schools

Up to 1932 the National Education Association was a well-established and accepted educational organization of excellent teachers with authority over their classrooms.

In 1932, John Dewey, a Fabian Socialist, was elected president of the NEA and socialist beliefs moved into the curriculum and classrooms.

In the 1950’s, the NEA was ‘captured’ by the Educational Socialists and turned into a teachers’ union for political power.  Education began a de-emphasis of Americanism, and a dumbing down of learning commenced.

In the late 1970’s, from Jimmy Carter the Educational Socialists got the Department of Education.  American school curriculum started a shift from and an easing out of Americanism (Patriotism) to a world view of multiculturalism and globalism.

Today, their arrogance has begun; “Radical ‘Social Justice’ Teaching Being Pushed on Our School”. (Humanevents.com, November 10,2008)

The average school drop-out rate is 32%, with Private Schools having a rate of less than 5%.

“School Reform News” states the consequences of the Socialization of our schools to suit the U.N. world view.

It can be stopped by helping the Patriotic Teachers regain control of their National Education Association, the NEA.

It is all part of the Socialization of America; for the United Nations’ One-World Government of Socialism!

Toby Elster

May 2009


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