The Constitutional Foundation History

It took The Constitutional Foundation from 2003-2008 to accomplish our goal of “Exposing America’s Socialism”.  From never heard or read about, Socialism, per se, has now, with the Conservative media, become common usage.  That is the first step to solving America’s Socialism induced problems coming from America’s anti-American cadre, Her Enemy Within, running our government.  Obama’s rhetoric, whoops lies, during his campaign didn’t fool us one iota.  We knew what was coming, and have geared up to counter it, and stop them once and forever.  With America’s socialized media in their corner, there was no way to tell the people. (This has happened numerous times before!!!)

Figuring out what went wrong with America started in 1970 when I discovered what we were told in military intelligence school – Stalin believed America could be ‘had’ internally by our Enemy Within – was actually happening.  America was being socialized, Her Constitution was being shredded because it stood in the way of the Enemy Within’s objective, and that the movement was coming from the very top of our government.  Why do our elected and appointed believe the Oath of Office is meaningless even though it states to “Preserve, Protect and Defend” the Constitution?  The Oath of Office needs to be made sacred!

As any military leader knows, if you are going to defeat your enemy, America’s Enemy Within, one has to know and understand all about them.  That is what TCF (The Constitutional Foundation) has learned in the past 40 years, including their weaknesses, their mentality, their methods, their objectives, and how THEY CAN BE BEAT!!!  Some of that came out of researching the failures of the Conservative efforts, why, with 60 years of trying, the Conservatives, though maybe slowed America’s Enemy Within’s progress, has lost miles and miles of ground to them and they have gained control of the government once again.  But this time they also have control of Congress, which must change ASAP!  The Fabian Socialists (of London) who socialized America through our education system (with John D. Rockefeller’s money and help) came to America in 1899 knowing very well that the Constitution would have to go.  Socialism and America’s Capitalism that begets prosperity and peace through freedom and rights by We, the People, are opposites.  One will go!!!!

How does America’s anti-American cadre of Socialists do it?  They undermine America’s Constitutional foundation and Rule of Law.  They stayed underground with the help of America’s socialized media until about 1970.  They outed themselves during the Vietnam War and their progress blossomed because they moved into the Courts (yes, they have educated Socialist judges) to get what they couldn’t get through Congress or two lately administrations to end run what stood in their way — like they are doing today.  But America has a history of over 100 years of these Traitors efforts already, and the lesson that comes from their efforts also sets up their defeat.

Patriotic Americans don’t have a way to fight back except to try and elect other politicians — and 95 years of that effort only gets more of the same.  Patriotic Americans are fighting on the low end of the playing field — and we get a government full of anti-American Socialist/Communist running America, destroying the Constitution to suit their purpose.

But there is a way to change that, and put America’s anti-American Socialist/Communist, Enemy Within, Constitution-destroying Traitors on the run once and forever.  The definition of Treason in the Constitution, Article III, Section 3, must be amended to include all whose efforts or oratory, aka Sedition, can or will destroy the Constitution must be able to be prosecuted for Treason!  In the same manner we prosecute our Traitors who spy for a foreign country, we must try these people.  America’s Enemy Within is far more dangerous to the American Founder’s principles and the Constitution then those spies are.  The definition of Treason in the Constitution must be brought into the 21st Century to serve America today in her dire needs for preservation.

Amending the Constitution to make America’s anti-American Enemy Within the Traitors they are is TCF’s objective.  It moves to start the grassroots movement that will make it possible, by spreading the message to Patriotic Americans.  With the Amendment enacted, it will be a ‘kill’ the enemy with one shot, for today, tomorrow, and forever so they’ll never be able to even try again.  Otherwise, they will be back!  If not this century, then the next.  The Amendment will also give We, the People, the means to protect their freedom and rights, their private property, which the Founders gave us.  Those we were told to guard, or lose them, which is what has been happening ever since these anti-American Socialists found their way to undermine Americanism and Socialize America for their world government to be ruled by the United Nations.

TCF started work to amend the Constitution about six months ago.  It is not surprising that we ran into what we did trying to awaken Americans to their being socialized.  People who don’t know anything about what you are trying to inform them of, won’t believe.  (That also includes the new crop of recent editors who also keep their heads in the sand.)  To overcome their resistance of disbelief to the dangerous situation America is in, it takes persistence, repetition, more persistence, and more repetition, then more persistence.  It is not only health care, these traitors want to turn America into a Socialized Society to be ruled by their world government.

The more Patriotic America heads the message to save their America with it’s Constitution and Rule of Law by making America’s anti-American cadre of Traitors prosecutable for Treason by amending the Constitution and the definition of Treason to serve America today, the sooner they will be able to live in peace and prosperity, the peace and prosperity that made America great during it’s first 200 years, the peace and prosperity that has been proven that comes from America’s Constituion and Rule of Law.

For America’s Sake,

Toby Elster


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