Why the Constitution Needs to Be Amended Pt.1

Why the Constitution Needs to be Amended

All whose action can or will

destroy the Constitution should be

prosecuted for the traitors they are!

As a veteran of two of America’s wars, and still serving the Red, White, and Blue as the Kansas Wing Commander of the Civil Air Patrol, I had a rude awakening.  I accidently discovered that what I’d been told in military intelligence school was occurring.  America was being penetrated by Socialism that was being indoctrinated in our schools (not as being informative to recognize it, but for America to adopt it).  Being familiar with Communism and Socialism since the 1930’s, I could already see it’s footprints in the society in 1970 when I was awakened.  Every word the Major told us in class that day came back vividly, even how we laughed.  “Stalin has already decided that America could never be taken by force, but we could be ‘had’ internally”, we were told.  Now, here I was reading a half dozen workshops being offered at Kansas University in the 1970’s.  I had never read so much “red” garbage in my life that was going to be offered to students.  It countered everything America stood for!

My curiosity exploded!  “How did they do it? To America?!!!” I set about finding answers to the “how and why” questions.  These questions came after I determined that it was the conservatives who were telling the truth.  Once I educated myself on the “how’s and why’s”, I wondered how, after fifty years of trying, the Conservatives hadn’t even come close to stopping the Socialist’s penetration and progress in America.  Perhaps, they slowed the socialization of America, but had not stopped it.

Every General leading troops knows that to defeat the enemy, one must know them, their ways, and their strengths and weaknesses.  I researched back to the source of the mentality of Socialism to determine how they can fool people into falling for their lies.  Every attempt at Socialism has failed, and it’s history goes back to Biblical times.  We must understand how these elitists have learned how to change societies, secretly, with education and untruthful promises of utopia while never stating their true intentions.  These elitists are driven by their greed, corruption, and lust for power.  They leave a political history of their progression since the Fabians came to socialize America.  Their history creates a chain of events of facts and known public doings which record how they operate.

I wondered how such socializing organizations and agencies, like the ACLU, ACORN, and others, could further Socialism in America through our courts, without any recourse from Patriotic Americans.  That answer came easy with an understanding of the mentality of Socialism and its consequences.

What are the highlights of socialism that people are going to have to know?  First, the conservatives have not been able to stop the socialization of America with their methods because all seem to fight with or for their “pet issues”, including the Tea Parties.  That will never create permanent change, which is a must to counter all the methods and influence the Socialists use to attain their ends (many of which are illegal, ignoring the constitutionality of their attainments which degrades and destroys the Constitution).  Being ethical is not one of their attributes.  In order for Democracy to work, it requires a capitalistic society.  Free markets created from freedoms, personal property and rights with limited government is the direct opposite of Socialism; a Statist, highly centralized government of total control of the society’s production.  Socialism and America’s Constitutional Rule of Law cannot exist together.  One will have to go.  The European Union is proving all the above again.  Those who socialized Europe are the same ones who came to America and undermined our Americanism; destroying our sovereignty, our Constitution and Rule of Law for their rule of man, making America a Socialist society to complement their hopes for a one-world government under the United Nations.  So why are they not Traitors?

Furthermore, all those who serve in government, swore to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.”  Yet, so few live their sworn oath except for the military.  No wonder they treat We, the people, as though we are already their slaves.  The Oath of Office should be sacred; abide by it or resign, if not prosecutable.  If that was so, America would not have a White House full of Communist hoping to take Her down the slope of Socialism to their beholden Sires of world rule.


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