Reply to AFP “U.S Ship of State Morally Ruderless” by Chuck Baldwin

The Constitutional Foundation agrees and adds to the title piece that it’s economic rudder is jammed into the Socialists’ left; it’s political rudder is held at the helm by a corrupt and treasonous Congress; and the Captain and his cabal and cadre is anti-American Socialists/Communists beholden to America’s Enemy Within.

The Constitutional Foundation has been aware of Dr. Baldwin’s influence on the public since TCF’s crusade began to expose the Socialization of America.  We move to awaken Patirotic Americans to ‘what went wrong with their America and why’.  Toby Elster, TCF’s founder and president, has researched America’s Enemy Within and their history from where their mentality was born and who was responsible.  Should it have slipped your memory, their roots are Machiavellian which eventually created all the “isms” of fascism including Socialism and Communism.  Those two ‘marry’ for economic reasons, similar to why Democracy to work it needs the mentality of the free markets of Capitalism.  The research, digging out the reasons and causes of their dastardliness, also revealed the enemies’ weakness and how they can be destroyed.

Where The Constitutional Foundation comes from can be summed up by the following:

A) The summation of what brings peace and prosperity is that human ingenuity is the best provider and organizer for humans’ needs and wants. All government does is get in the way.  (That has been vividly set out in George Gilder’s recent book, “The Israel Test”.)  The bigger the government, the more in the way as today, until it kills human ingenuity.

B) TCF works on the long established, since at least Biblical times, that if one doesn’t destroy their enemy, the enemy will destroy them — AND THEY ARE!!!

Until the Tea Parties came along, Patriotic Americans  didn’t realize it!  (It makes me wonder, when America’s socialized media filled their pages and the air covering the Tea Parties and town hall meetings, if they realized what they were exposing would end up adversely impacting their ability to succeed!?)  Times looked rather bleak for America until then.

The Constitutional Foundation, in researching why the Conservatives in almost 60 years of efforts, had such an anemic and ineffective impact on the Enemy Within, hardly even slowing their progress.  From the answer came the solution on how to destroy the enemy in order to save the Constitution and Americanism.  That information needs wide broadcasting to alert patriotic Americans to the fact that there is a lawful way Americanism can be saved and Her principles can be restored, and the U.S. Ship of State’s course be corrected back to where it should be.  But, the solution not only creates that, it also gives, We the People, a way to protect and guard our freedoms and rights as the Founders warned us to do — which isn’t happening either.  What the Founders had in mind was for the people to protect their Constitution, which the Enemy Within has nullified as they destroy the Constitution.

America’s Enemy Within, Her anti-Americanism secular cabal and cadre of radical to otherwise Socialistic and Communists Constitutional-destroyers are Traitors!  They move to destroy the Constitution because it stands in the way to their objective to establish their world of Socialism and global government.  Why can they not be prosecuted for Treason?  The definition of Treason in the Constitution, Article III, Section 3, answers the question.  Amending the definition so that it encompasses or embraces all whose efforts or sedition that can or will destroy the Constitution are Traitors and made prosecutable for Treason, punishable accordingly, will solve America’s Enemy Within problems.

Furthermore, the Oath of Office, except for the military, is a joke, ignored by all since Socialism moved into America to stay.  The Oath should be made sacred.  All who swear to it must abide by it, or at least, be dismissed, if they won’t resign.

It is up to your readers and listeners to see that the Amendment makes it through Congress.  Spread the word that there is a way to saved Patriotic America and it’s Americanism in a peaceful and lawful manner.  Every Patriotic American should be aware of it, and those whose minds will change.

Toby Elster


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