Reply to “Can Washington Cut Spending?” Wall Street Journal 2/20/10

It is a good question with a Yes and a No answer.  Yes, the way that Peggy Noonan drafted the proposals, and No with the situation that exists in Washington today.

Our Founders, the elite of understanding humanity, in the face of God’s great human contradiction, got it right.  Humans gravitate to communities.  Then they destroy it to have their desires and ways to serve their  self-interests.  That was overcome by the Founders creating a nation of patriotic Americans of conservative beliefs based on the principles of human ingenuity being the best provider and organizer for their needs and wants, the way, the less of the better, which diminishes until it strangles and chokes off human ingenuity into dissatisfaction and discontent. That is America today!  The Founders’ way created peace and prosperity for the new nation, which became an example for the world societies.

God, in His creation, also gave humans an inherent desire to protect themselves and their property.  One can interpret that as no sooner were there two tribes, and human’s began their history of conflict, that if they didn’t make their enemy flee, destroy them or kill them, their enemy would make the same their misfortune.  So conflict and evil has been human’s lot since at least Cain slew Abel.  So conflict, by either one, destroys their enemy or the enemy destroys them is human’s evil to each other.  While it always is the evil who believes, wrongly, if he could rule all, what would be is happiness for all.

America is of two tribes today.  One is the Founder’s patriotics beholden to their Constitutional principles; the other with impossible dreams of free lunches, which begets humans their stifling, strangling rule of man and overbearing highly centralized government that nullifies human ingenuity.  They are America’s Constitution-destroyers since the Constitution stands in the way of their dream being accomplished — of a socialized world and their dictorial government.

Before Peggy Noonan’s “blueprint” for American’s betterment has any hope, America’s Enemy Within must be destroyed.  There is a simple way to do it, peacefully and by the Rule of Law.  Except, as Noonan stated, “This is a huge job,…may require one strong and believable voice.”  This letter sets out the message for the voices today and the voice for tomorrow.

Why don’t these anti-American, secular socialists, Constitution-destroyers be prosecuted as the Traitors they are?  The definition of Treason in the Constitution, Article III, Section 3, needs to be brought into the 21st century to serve Patriotic Americans in America’s dire need now!  The definition of Treason in the Constitution needs to be amended to read, ‘all whose efforts or sedition can or will destroy the Constitution are Traitors and prosecutable for Treason’.  It will be the power of the Constitution’s Rule of law that will destroy the Enemy Within’s movement and stop their destruction of Americanism, and give, We the People, the means to guard our freedoms and rights.

And to arrive at Peggy Noonan’s ‘blueprint’ to restore Americanism.  This road can be paved for fast traveling by making the Oath of Office sacred.  The Oath has become a joke, ignored by all except a few and our military, since America’s Socialists, a.k.a. Progressives, came to be.  Those who take the oath must abide by it’s tenets, obligating them to the protection and defense of the Constitution, at least, if not resigning, then be dismissed.

A big push from the bottom will be needed to enact the Amendment.  But once it is, then Noonan’s ‘blueprint’ for America will follow.  Patriotic Americans will see to it!  And the answer to the question will be “YES”!
Toby Elster


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