Why the Constitution Needs to Be Amended Pt.2

The answer to the above is what Patriotic Americans need to sink their teeth into, hang on like a bull dog, and all together in the same direction, fix their issues to create permanent change, and protect their freedoms, rights, private property and their Constitution, for this generation and those to come, is to amend the Constitution to make all those whose activity or sedition will or can destroy the Constitution the Traitors they are.

Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, which defines Treason, was written for the Colonial times, and so it remains.  It has to be amended to make all whose efforts will or can destroy the Constitution, Traitors, punishable as we punish our spies who spy for a foreign country.  They are worse Traitors then the spies are.  And while we are at it, the Oath of Office should be made sacred, so that if they can’t be charged as a Traitor, they can at least be dismissed.

That is the message that should dominate the Tea Party’s posters:

Get the Traitors Out!

Save America!

Amend the Constitution!

These anti-American Socialists are America’s Enemy Within, destroying everything the Founders created for, We the People.  With that message out, it will scare a lot of them.  The Amendment will deny them an underground to go hide again.  Our Congressman and Senators should also get a message, “go along or get out!”  The Amendment will have to be pushed through Congress, but I anticipate the States will go along readily.  If we can move fast enough, those Communists in the White House could find themselves isolated, facing the wrath of unknown events.

When the Constitutional Foundation came to be to expose the Socialization of America, one barely heard or read about Socialism in America.  In four years of letters to Conservative Organizations and Editors trying to make the terms of Socialism, per se, common usage as the first step towards permanent change, it came to be with the Conservative media.  It was extremely heartwarming at the Wichita rally to see all the posters with “Socialism” on them.  Now once did I notice or hear the speakers mention left or liberal.  Now we move forward to create permanent change back to our Founder’s principles.  America cannot afford a White House full of Communists and half a Congress moving Her to finish the socialization of America for their own greedy beliefs.

The Constitutional Foundation has commenced getting the word out why the Constitution should be amended.  It works on getting the Amendment prepared in a professional manner that will go before Congress.  It has already alerted numerous organizations to the message.  Also five large Veteran’s organizations are aware.  Once the Veterans find out what is really going on in the America hey fought, shed blood, and serve for, learn of the Enemy Within, there will be 20 million of them mad.  Prepare your messages to inform the Tea Partiers and that they are in the fight until the Amendment gets enacted.  Once enacted, America will see the Enemy Within’s followers change sides, others run for cover, and a few prosecuted.  Then we can start putting Americanism back into the society, and return her to the Founder’s principles to create the world’s foundation for peace and prosperity under the principles that have been proven to work during America’s first 200 years of greatness.

Amending the Constitution to make America’s Enemy Within the Traitors they are, is the sure way to Save America and it’s Americanism for prosperity and peace for centuries to come.  We owe it to ourselves and humanity.


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