Obama and his Communist Cabal

The Constitutional Foundation could crow, ‘we told you so’, but that won’t save America.  The vote on the Health Bill proved that America’s Socialist/Communists are more knowledgable when it comes to understanding and controlling people then the free people are.  That should have been obvious from the past several decades.

What has occurred with our Congress was created 50 years ago when America’s Socialists took control of public education — and it gets worse (Read the Phyllis Shlafly Report, March 2010: “Recruiting Kids for Obama’s Agenda”).  Didn’t we believe we put a stop to that?!?  Welcome to a Socialists’ end-run for America’s anti-Americanism heading to a socialized America.  It is time to get real serious.  America’s Conservatives’ tunnel vision focuses on the trees, allowing America’s Enemy Within, Her Socialist/Communist cabal, to but them down, one by one.

TCF focused on the forest and found solutions to why America’s Fifth Column gets their way destroying the Constitution and it’s Rule of Law.

Let’s get serious and stop Obama and his cabal.  In “The Forest Instead of the Trees”, we set out to amend the Constitution to make Obama cabel and cadre the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason for destroying the Constitution.  Time is of the essence.  The flood-gates for socialist legislation are open, and some have said they have it ready.

This information for amending the Constitution goes to various Conservative organizations and five large Veterans’ organizations for obvious reason, to generate the grassroots movement.  There is a problem there, the major one is that Conservatives do not understand their enemy.  The Constitutional Foundation could use a little assistance in getting them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  If TCF had the prepared Amendment, or the funds to acquire it, to place in front of the organizations to create the ground-swell that is necessary to push the Amendment through Congress, TCF would be most grateful, for America’s sake.

Those who are capable or with means to help The Constitutional Foundation (a tax deductible 501(c) 3) could hurry the Amending of the Constitution along by having the amendment prepared and furnished to TCF to use to generate the grassroots-groundswell needed to push it through Congress.  If nothing else, just starting the amendment could put the Obama cabal on the defensive and stop much of the socialist legislation they have planned for tomorrow.

These wanna be world rulers are desperate, their time table has been shredded, and as Obamacare proved, they try anything to get their way, destroying the Constitution also.  The White House cabal has a basket full of such socializing legislation as has already been shoved down Patriotic American’s throats, that raise taxes, such as Cap and Trade, Immigration, and more over-spending; all to destroy Americanism to be replaced with their proved to fail Socialism’s Statism.

DON”T OVERLOOK THE FACT, ENACTING THE AMENDMENT AS STATED, WILL GIVE WE, THE PEOPLE, THE MEANS TO GUARD AND PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS, RIGHTS, AND RULE OF LAW, AS WARNED TO DO, BUT CAN’T!  The amendment will only amend the Constitution to include what the Founders overlooked in creating it.  The amendment will not change anything about the Constitution.  It will be capable of protecting Americanism for Centuries to come, so this will never happen again.

Toby Elster


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