Response to “Is Changing the Constitution the solution we need?” in WSJ 4/12/10

Is changing the Constitution the solution we need? No, not changing, but amending, Yes!

James LeMunyon’s belief of a Constitutional Convention, which won’t fly, didn’t require a response.  But the three letters published in the April 12th Wall Street Jounral does since the writers, Roman Buhler, Frederica Sinclair and Paul Koning have credible ideas, except they lack an understanding of the Constitution.

Our Founders were not perfect.  They did not give the Constitution a means to protect itself.  So, as America’s anti-American cadre of radical Socialists, Leftists, et al, such as ACLU, ran into roadblocks by Congress stopping their desires, they made end-runs into the courts with friendly judges.  The Constitution has been under attack since FDR was president while We, the people, lose our freedoms, rights and Rule of Law.  But that can be remedied by an Amendment, with no changes to the Constitution.

Article III, Section 3, which defines Treason, must be brought into the 21st Century to serve America today in Her dire need.  Any or all whose efforts, verbally or actively that can or will destroy the Constitution, needs to be made the Traitors they are, prosecutable for Treason.  These anti-American enemy within are far more dangerous to Americanism than our spies who spy for a foreign country.  Putting ‘teeth’, that bite, into the Oath of the Office would be advisable too!  perform by the Oath, or else…!

The sooner this Amendment is enacted can’t be soon enough.

Toby Elster


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