To All Emailers

The Constitutional Foundation, after 40 years of researching “What Went Wrong with the United States of America”, TCF has come with answers that even surprised us.  Mostly what has occurred and continues, since the truth still isn’t part of your knowledge, America suffers as Her Enemy Within continues to tear away at Her foundation – your freedoms, rights and the Constitution’s power actually destroying it.


That is why TCF fills it’s email and P.O. Box addresses with what it has uncovered.  And the solution to SAVE THE CONSTITUTION is to amend it, Article III, Section3 which defines Treason must be brought into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire need today.  That would make the Constitution able to prosecute those who move to destroy the Constitution.  It would also give We, the people, a way to protect our freedoms and rights, what the Founders warned us to do.  Those who move to take them are America’s Traitors, more dangerous than those who spy for a foreign country.  They get prosecuted, so why not those who destroy America?

What came out of TCF’s research is that what is happening to America, is not an isolated occurrence.  This enemy has a history centuries long and they follow the same pattern. Read about it in the paper, “The Forest Instead of the Trees”, which sums up “What Went Wrong with America”, and gives solutions to America’s problems, created by Her Enemy Within, undermining Her foundation and greatness for their beliefs that never work.

Get informed and join in to spread the word — That the Constitution needs to be amended to make America’s anti-American cabal of Treasonous Traitors prosecutable for their Treasonous actions.  SAVE AMERICA!!!

Toby Elster


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