The Human Mind and Socialism – The Insantity of Socialism (Pt. 1)

Socialism is a disease of the sane’s ‘insane mind’!

Socialism is a horrible, fatal, hidden disease of the mind.All of Socialism’s promises are directed to human’s desires and dreams; whether they call themselves Socialists, Leftist, Liberalists, Progressives.  They dream of having the food of the wealthy, the medical attention of the wealthy, an easy living and pleasures of the wealthy, a mortgage free residence of opulence.  This is attainable by the individual in a free society of free markets with the incentive and initiative to accomplish, but prefers to attain them from entitlements at the government’s expense, whose ability to pay can only come from the producers.  It begets eventually, a human disaster for your heirs, the coming generations; individually and society-wise.

The only way a government has to pay for what it spends is to tax the people.  While those who work for the government, always at the peoples’ expense, enjoy higher wages and better entitlements lasting through their retirement, and which the government unions requires two to do the work of one, until…!

The rich can not afford to be taxed the same required for what soon becomes an overburdened society living on entitlements.  So the taxes on the taxpayers grow higher and higher.  When the taxes on the taxpayers get so high, that the producers cannot enjoy the benefits of their labor, the producer quits producing and joins the dependency of the State.  The rich flee to another country to keep their wealth.  The government can only pay it’s bills now as long as the coffers carry some reserve.  But soon the coffers run empty with no production for trade, and the government feels the pangs of bankruptcy.  It has no credit and it can not borrow money or sell bonds.  It’s choices are limited; it can print money that soon becomes worthless, or cut taxes to the taxpayer’s means to pay.  Either way the entitlements have to go, or are cut drastically.  If the government employees, paid in worthless money, are no better off.  It is similar to being paid in IOU’s that are worthless also.

The people move to trade among themselves for their necessities; black-markets occur, and corruption and crime is rampant.  The society now has a dysfunctional government of impotence.  If it cracks down, the misery multiplies.

Bankruptcy  of the government means a dreary, deflated existence; sub-standard retirement, sub-standard health care, if any; and all are now on their own to create their own existence.  As they eke out an existence they are now in economic slavery.  Their outlook for the future looks bleak nor can the government offer any hope.

It all occurs from the people’s minds who believe that government can and should take care of what they can do for themselves.  But government must stay out of the way.  As welfarism and entitlements grow, so grows the bureaucracy, larger and larger too, requiring more and more government employees.  This hastens the day of accountability for the day of reckoning.  So the process of Socialism is self-defeating.  Unknowing and unbelieving minds, that their mentality of a government-supported life of leisure depending on government spending leads them into what the Founders warned us about.  Losing our freedoms, rights and Rule of Law leads us towards losing our Constitution.  The people are now in an insane government trap that they blindly bought into, sold to them by their elected leaders who give them their desires in exchange for their vote.


2 thoughts on “The Human Mind and Socialism – The Insantity of Socialism (Pt. 1)

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  2. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

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