The Forest Instead of the Trees – Intro (The Mentality of Evil)

Quoting from the American Spectator of February 2010, Andrew Roberts, “While America Slept” article quotes a Princeton University, Joyce Carol Oates, who stated, “How heartily sick the world has grown, in the first years of the 21st Century, of the American idea!”

Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, write about “Who’s to Blame?”; “Who is to blame for a Federal Government that spends a third of our income, regulates most every aspect of our lives, and has snuffed out the persona liberty by our Founders?”

Professor Williams continues, “If one asks the question, ‘Which way are we headed, tiny steps at a time — toward more liberty or greater government control of our lives?  The answer is unambiguously more government control of our lives.  What can be done?”

Peggy Noonan, Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter and a Wall Street Journal Columnist answers with an article entitled, “Can Washing Cut Spending?”  “Americans have reached a consensus,” she writes, “What is lacking is trust.”  Then Noonan reviews Congress’ mentality and some efforts for “America must move forward in a new way to get spending under control.”  In a letter to the Editor of WSJ, by this writer, the reply stated, “It is a good question with a YES and NO answer.  Yes, the way she drafted the proposals, and NO with the situation that exists in Washington today.”

Today is misleading.  There are no solutions to the problems without the truth.  The truth is found starting with the roots of the problems in Washington.  Those roots sprouted in the Dark Ages of Medieval Times and the Forest holds the answers since time brings forth truths.  I assume a million books have already been written about the Trees.  Mostly, they muddy the waters, patch things here and there, but address current events, and do not much, if anything for permanent solutions that will withstand the ages of time.  Addressing the issues (the Trees) does not even reveal why history repeats itself, yet that truth answers Dr. William’s question.  Walter Williams asked, “which way are we headed?”  The answer by addressing the trees, without the knowledge of why history repeats itself, is where the streets are paved with good intentions — in the Hell of where Socialism drives all who attempted it.

As this writer researched “What Went Wrong With America”, discovering in 1970 that America had an Enemy Within, a Fifth Column, that was undermining Her foundation for their beliefs of an impossible dream.  The question kept churning in my mind, why, with 40, then 50 years of effort, why did the Conservatives have such an anemic and ineffective history of fighting the Enemy Within?  They hardly slowed them in that time as the Fifth Column made steady progress finding their way into the White House, Congress and the Courts.  The answer came from a deep look in the “C”‘s efforts and confirmed from an astute professor and author who understood the enemy, and noted that the Enemy could not be stopped fighting them with issues.  It would take broad approach.

All the Conservatives who were fighting those destroying Americanism and the Constitution were looking at the Trees.  Not a one took the Constitution as being vulnerable, but took it for granted.  The Conservatives never moved to protect their very reason for their existence — the Constitution.  Yet the Enemy Within must destroy the Constitution for them to realize their objective, their dream of a world government, under Socialism.  And the writers write about protecting the Trees as the Fifth Column cuts them down, one by one, destroying the Forest of Trees.  While many look and try to elect others, not realizing more of the same will be elected or those who aren’t, will soon be forced in to “going along”.


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