The Forest Instead of the Trees – Part 2

The Forest Destroyers:

The mentality that prevents a YES answer to fixing Washington and restoring Americanism to it’s full power, as the first priority that should be of our elected.  But first, a dab of psychology for a better understanding, or why humans are human.

Humans have an inherent self-interest and self-protection.  Their minds always move in the direction of self-betterment and a dislike for what stands in their way to attain betterment.  Their inclination is for communities and their societies to become very wealthy and powerful since they benefit from it too.  The very wealthy, always at the top, which among them are some very greedy and corrupt individuals towards their fellow man, who they exploit in the interest of their wealth and power of control, arrange the society for their benefit.  Those that fall into their traps are the very poor and destitute and those who won’t provide for themselves.  The middle class, the producers, whom the top controls through ‘popular delusions’ (From a book by Charles MacKay, “Extraordinary Popular Delusions”).  The latest ‘popular delusion’  is man-made global cooling and warming, the environmentalism, just recently exposed as a scam.  The “Greens” are colorblind; their movement is ‘pink’ to become Communist Red.  The ‘popular delusion’ not exposed is the Socialization of America, which has now been going on for 110 years, kept under cover by America’s controlled media.  That is the cause of America’s problem today.  The answer to why Washington will not fix America.

Back to the Forest:

The roots of the world’s discontent and it’s evil men evidently arose out of the Dark Ages.  Whether the Muslim society was affected by the Dark Ages and the consequences of the fall of Rome is arguable, but it reveals what follows.

Before 600 A.D. Muslims were a tribal society, nomads who traded their hand-made goods, dealt in slavery, etc., by traveling thousands of miles in camel caravans.  Then Mohammedanism arose.  Mohammad or Islam came from the prophet Mohammad who created a law for world rule.  The base for it is evil, and not for peace.  Those who follow it’s teachings move toward empire and conflict.  They are the Islamics of the Muslims.  In approximately 700 A.D. Islam moved to conquer the Christian world.  First the Byzantine Empire, all but Greece fell.  They were stopped approximately 150 miles from Paris.  The Muslim society was not split; the peaceful Arabs were Muslims, the others Islams.  The Islams retained their conquests until about 1050 A.D. when the Byzantine Pope convicted the Roman Pope, the only one who could form a Christian army, to retake the Christian lands.  The first Crusade was born, not for religious reasons, but to re-establish the Christian Empire.  Eventually they did, pushing the Islams in to Africa and out of the near Mediterranean Near East.

Much of the Muslim and Islam territory fell to the Ottoman Empire (1299 to 1919) which also comprised the Balkan Peninsula of Southeast Europe.  The Balkans had pretty well extracted themselves from the Turks in the very early 1990’s.  The Islam faction was mostly subdued during this time living their tribal nomadic lives.  Then oil was discovered under the sands of their deserts.

With the industrialization of the West after WWII, the Muslim nations became very wealthy from the oil production.  With their wealth and no industry, the word of the Islams, from greed and envy, preached hate and death to all but the Islams and set out to rule the Western World, to be conquered by terror.  The Jihadists were born and it brought forth the War on Terror, which is slowly decimating the Islamists, as the Muslims move slowly to peace and prosperity.

But during the span of the Dark Ages, the worst of the Western world was born.  Evil moved into the societies with the same ideas of world rule.

The Western World’s Forest:

From the philosophies of the Middle Ages came a multitude of theories for the cure for human’s misery.  Religious influences on humanity appeared to be at a low point, probably from the consequences of the fall of Christian Rome and bloody wars of the Crusades.  With the coming of the Gutenberg’s press, affordable books spread ideas.  Out of them came the worst of the ideas; based on greed, corruption, deceit, and for the elite’s betterment.  Machiavellian appears to be one of the first to gain fame.  Machiavellianism: (From American Heritage Dictionary) The political doctrine of Machiavelli, which denies the relevance of morality in political affairs and holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing, maintaining political power; political opportunism. AKA as Evil — attaining one’s ends is justified by their means used, or anything goes, as fair.

Words are one thing, but those ideas were put into practice by one Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University in Germany, through the founding of the Illuminati Order in 1776.  That was a conspiratorial organization which embodied all the goals, aims and methods we now call Communism.  From a book by John Robinson, A.M., “Proof Of a Conspiracy”, first published in 1798, and republished by the Western Islands, 1967;  quotes from the book: “…a man like Adam Weishaupt,…driven by an incredible and diabolical ambition to rule the world…; The ostensible purpose of the Order was to bring universal happiness to the human race…the Illuminati Order was build around the novel idea that the end — the happiness of the human race — justified the means!”  The founders of the Order, Weishaput and the cabal of his inner circle, penetrated the Free Mason Lodges of France and Germany, taking control of many.  The Order spread from promises of happiness for all, but secretly planned the rule of the world.  This was to be accomplished from Weishaupt eliminating all that was in his way; plans to abolish all religious beliefs, the overthrow of all kingdoms, the creation of a utopian world citizenship, and the abolishing of all private property.  This is the exact opposite of what America’s Founders set out in the Constitution.

What did Professor Weishaupt create?  By now, discovered in Germany, the Order was ‘shut down’, but it went underground.  In France, they lost control of the controlled Free Mason Lodges, which mostly went their own way, and the Order had no way to stop them.  Two Lodges became the Jacobians, and they started the French Revolution with pretense and lies that stirred up mobs.  Two others in the 1840’s  published Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and renamed themselves Communists.  All of the ‘isms’ of Fascism, including Socialism, Communism, Hitlerism, et al, arose from the work of Weishaupt.  These evils of society use the same mentality and methods, the same belief, that they can rule the world; which the elitists’ arrogance and egotism tells them that they are the only ones who can do it.  The mentality has spread throughout the world.  Whenever it becomes a ruling factor, the consequences are the same.  Those who oppose them die, many others too since population control is one of their beliefs, in order for them to keep absolute control, while their beliefs brings misery to the people.  Those rulers eventually all fail, as the subjects move to undermine the economic structure of their society to destroy their leaders.  And just as sure, others will try again, sooner or later.  Hugo Chavez, now forming a cabal as a new ‘Order of the Illuminati’ the leaders of some South and Central American countries, of which Venezuela is the latest.


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