The Forest Instead of the Trees – Part 3

Globalism – A World Government:

Cecil Rhodes funded a movement for a world government in England, for economic reason, until it fell apart in the late 1930’s.  In the meantime, the Fabians of London, Marxist-Socialists, founded by Beatrice and Sydney Webb of the British Intelligentsia, moved to socialize the world in 1884.  After attempting to form Marx’s idea of revolution by the workers failed, they came to the conclusion that Marx was wrong about revolution, but his ‘economic’ beliefs of Socialism could be attained through education and permeation against the people’s will and non-awareness.  To them, Socialism would be the solution to the world’s poverty.  They proved their theory in the Frankfort School. the Universities of England, and their colonies.  (Should you wonder why Europe is socialized!)  In 1899, adopting Rhodes’ idea of a world government, they came to America to do the same as a must for a world government.  Without America there could not be a world government, knew to attain it the Constitution would have to go, and how it could be done.  They came as Liberals, with all the secrecy that Weishaupt used to form his Order of the Illuminati, and sold their idea of ‘New Education’ to the Deans of the Ivy League Colleges of the disciplines of influence — with money of course — to write the white papers that would sell their idea.  Their funding came from John D. Rockefeller, already an international banker, who, as Ceicl Rhodes, understood the economic advantages of one government.  The Socialization of America was assured — if the people didn’t wake up to what was going on.

The Fabians moved with stealth and secrecy to educate the second tier of government, the aides and advisers to the top, as well as teachers and professors.  In 15 years, Socialism was recognized in America’s legislation.  Woodrow Wilson, then President had been picked by the Rockefeller brain trust as one who would ‘go along’.  His right hand adviser, a Colonel E.M. House, was a Fabian Socialist who also advised Franklin D. Roosevelt as Governor of New York.  FDR also served in Wilson’s Cabinet.  The next day the media only mentioned ‘Progressivism’ as Wilson’s policy.  The Rockefeller Brain Trust already had influential control over America’s media.  (There is circumstantial evidence that some of it may have been done by black mail — to the paper’s owners to go along or no more loans).  America’s media was silence.  So it remains through today!

America and Socialism:

The League of Nations was the World’s Socialists first attempt at a world headquarters, which the Senate vetoed for America.  In 1921, Rockefeller created the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), to do the same thing the League would have done; a place to plan world policy.  In the meantime, Socialists’ moles were penetrating the government and it’s bureaucracies to move their beliefs into law put forth by aides and advisers to our elected legislators and Presidents.  They penetrated and took control of the Foreign Department of the State Department.  They are still there.  Their dastardliness didn’t show until the stock market crash of 1929.  Herbert Hoover, as President 1929-1933, adopted some of their policies as answers to the depression that ensued.  FDR was elected President in 1932, and by then he was a full-blossomed Fabian Socialist, put forth by the CFR’s cabal’s inner circle of policy makers.  They had the National Recovery Act, the New Deal, prepared for him.  The Act was all Socialism to make America’s ideology Socialism and prepare Her for their, still a dream, world government.

The three main objectives of the New Deal, to Socialize America, all failed, but the damage FDR did, is the root of much of America’s problems today.  He encouraged the Socialization of America, without ever telling the people; allowed many Socialists in top positions of his administration who spied for the Soviets, even though made aware of it by the F.B.I.  He allowed Soviet spy cells to operate; set the foundation for the shift of power from We, the People, to private interests by giving the trade unions hierarchy a monopoly over the workers — join, pay dues or no jobs.  His economic policies, which made the depression “Great” and long, were Fabian ideas put forth by Keynes, a British Fabian economist.  His right hand man, Harry Hopkins, was a spy for the Soviets, making sure they got the materials for the atom bomb.  The mentality of many in government then was that the Soviet’s Communism was the way for America to go too!  That the Soviet’s economy was a total failure was also kept silent by America’s socialized media.  But the worst thing that FDR did was give the Fabian world Socialists their world headquarters, the United Nations (U.N.)

The U.N. world headquarters ended up being built in New York City.  Turtle Bay, home of the Fabians in New York, was land given to the U.N. by John D. Rockefeller.  No sooner was the U.N. operational than they moved to influence America’s foreign policy.  Harry S. Truman became President upon FDR’s death in April 1945.  With the Korean War coming, the U.N. was advising Truman on the War’s policy.  America lost Her first war!!! Only three Presidents have kept the U.N. out of America’s foreign policy of it’s wars since then — Eisenhower, Reagan, and George W. Bush.  From hindsight, it appears the U.N., being so anti-American, prefers to keep countries under socialism and dictators around.  Probably because they are highly centralized government and easier to manipulate than Americas and their Democratic capitalism individualism.  America does stand in their way of their dream government which was supposed to have happened in 2000.

For an indication where the U.N.’s ideas are headed, should it attain it’s objective, one has only to investigate the European Union, an arm of the U.N.  That is the plan for the world’s nations, but already their troubles are evident with only 26 European nations under their umbrella.  Margaret Thatcher, in her book, “Statecraft” predicts the downfall of the E.U.  For the U.N. to accomplish it’s objective, America must yield Her sovereignty, and Her power, and Her Constitution must go. The U.N. has it’s own Constitution which is summarized as the rule of man, instead of the Rule of Law.  That will evolve into a dictatorship, of which the frustration encountered by the E.U., there have already been whispers of.

The Socialization of America has never been attacked as such.  The American Socialists have penetrated and captured the wealthiest foundations and use them for their benefit, as well as government bureaucracies, her education system, and America’s media.  Many of the Socialist-promoting organizations in America get taxpayer’s funds through grants and from the Treasury authorized by Congress; many under false pretense, besides donations from the very wealthiest who favor a global government.  ACORN, AARP, ACLU, the National Education Association, and many others that advocate world government under Socialism are recipients of millions in taxpayer’s funds, not to mention environmental groups who “buy” our elected.

The policy for the Socialists and the U.N. comes from the inner circle of the CFR, and moves to the U.N. and the outer circle of influential legislators to be enacted into law.  Many of those have the President’s ear and his Cabinet advisers.  The CFR caters to the powerful in positions of influence.  They are very powerful, even sponsoring and seeing to the election of our Presidents, his Cabinet and Administrators.  Only America’s Patriotic has kept America from going the way of Europe into National Socialism.  These National Socialist believers’ egotism tell them they are doing Socialism ‘the right way’ when history has proven numerous times that there is no right way for Socialism to serve humanity.  Why haven’t the Patriotic been able to at least check and stop America’s Enemy Within, let alone destroy their movement?  The power of the Socialists is horrific.  Their ethics are horrible, they have no respect for the law or the Constitution.  The Socialists in government, calling themselves Progressives, do not abide or believe in their Oath of Office they swore to and requires them to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the Constitution.  They can be defeated, but not until the Patriotic are informed; and who didn’t believe that could happen to America until recently.

There is no way, with America’s Enemy Within’s influence over America’s socialized media, to know how many individuals  who are running for office to ‘serve the people’ are the Conservatives whom they vilify or censor by omission.  If these anti-American Fifth Column can influence and get elected those whom they prefer, even Presidents and their Cabinet members, to oppose is just as easy to do too.  Some of America’s anti-American globalists provide the major destruction of Americanism.  They had Harry Truman, as President, vilify, debase, and render Senator Joe McCarthy ineffective when he tried to expose, working with the FBI, what FDR had done for the Soviets and Socialism for America.  Truman didn’t clean up FDR’s mess of spies and socialists (known as Communists then).  Truman could have put a stop to the Socialization of America — and become a second George Washington.  None of what has occurred since then that was Globalist-induced would have happened.  Nor would there be a tall building full of anti-Americans in NYC, which should become empty and a monument to those who have tried to rule the world.  When Patriotic organizations became too influential with the truths of what was going on, such as the John Birch Society, the Christian anti-Communist Crusade, and others, America’s Enemy Within turned their attack dogs loose on them and their controlled mass media vilified them and rendered them unbelievable and ineffective.  They also attacked President George W. Bush, on a world-wide basis, because he exposed their CITADEL of control, the U.N., as being incompetent and inept. (Too bad Bush didn’t mention the U.N.’s corruption also.)  When Kofi Annan, Ec. General then of the U.N., tried to get Bush to listen to the U.N.’s policy advice at the start of the War on Terror, Bush snubbed him by refusing to meet or take his calls.  The same as they did to Sen. Joe McCarthy.

In the definition of Treason in the Constitution also included all whose efforts can or will destroy the Constitution were Traitors, some of whom were America’s greatest, since 1900, these leaders would have been advised differently.  They would have served the people much, much better while abiding by the Oath of Office, as they swore to do.  Had that been so, America’s greatest Traitors as our leaders, besides America’s socialized media, which still hides all from the people that they have a right to know, were Woodrow Wilson, selected by the Rockefeller brain trust as a ‘go along”; FDR, one of them; and Harry S. Truman, ignoring his Oath of Office and preventing the cleanup of FDR’s mess.  This includes Lyndon B. Johnson for his War on Poverty (a wasted trillion dollars), and letting the U.N. disciples conduct the Vietnam War as a no-win war.  Jimmy Carter, an intelligentsia with out any common sense, catered to the U.N., open the door to the Islams by undermining a friendly Shah of Democracy, and who gave the Education socialists their coveted Department of Education which they undermined patriotic instruction in the classroom with.  Not only did they delete Americanism from the classroom, but they installed the U.N.’s world view in it’s place through the national Education Association which they had control of since the 1950’s.  The other Democratic Presidents who usually served the CFR cabal through their advisers; and Barack Obama, America’s most dangerous President whose efforts, in any way or manner possible, will finish the Socialization of America to deliver her to the globalist’s U.N.  Obama’s entire Cabinet are Communists undermining America’s foundation.  His ‘change’ is what The Constitutional Foundation figured it would be which America’s socialized media censored the meaning of during his campaign.  If they hadn’t, he would not be President today.


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