The Forest Instead of the Trees – Part 4

The Conservatives:

William Buckley Jr., with his book, “God and Man at Yale”, which started the Conservative movement, was the first resistance to the Socialists in America.  Conservative groups formed and moved to change Congress to see things the American way.  Soon there were hundreds of Conservative Organizations, but looking back a decade or two, their efforts could not penetrate the Socialist’s power stacked against them.  The Socialists had control of Congress, and changing them and electing a few different ones, proved futile then and now.  They fell into the Socialist’s trap of using their nomenclature they hid under, Leftists and Liberal, instead of exposing them for what they were — Socialists.  The Conservatives were centered on their own pet issues (trees), raising money for a single purpose which didn’t work either to stop the Socialist’s progress.  If the issue was a hindrance to the Socialists, such as the Equal Rights Amendment failing to become law, they knew end runs to counter them, or as to the ERA, they chipped away at what was denied them.  They also moved into the Courts where their own kind ruled, to change the Constitution’s meaning to serve them.  (Lenin’s three steps forward, then two back, leaving the impression that the good guys were winning — and smiling to themselves).  Those organizations that moved with education and leadership for change were swamped by the millions of those indoctrinated in our public schools, which were controlled by the Education Socialists into the U.N.’s world view.  Nor is it known how many the Conservatives trained and were bought off by America’s Enemy Within with positions and promotions.

A handful of conservatives were effective in slowing and undermining the Socialist’s efforts.  They are still trying and have success keeping the Socialists from getting the laws they desire.  Most of those have been in existence for three decades or so.  But what they should have done was also move to defend and protect the Constitution.  That probably would have gotten the public’s attention and then America’s Enemy Within would have, at least, been on the defensive.  There would not be a White House full of Communists today trying to ram their Socialist legislation down the Patriotic’s throats to destroy what is left of Americanism.

Solutions to Restore Americanism:

The Trade unions: In 1935 FDR signed the Wagner Act giving the trade union’s hierarchy a monopoly over the workers — join, pay dues or no job.  They amassed so much money, the unions actually bought our government and our elected.  It shifted the power from We, the People, to special interests, and so it remains today, out of control and corrupting.  There is no reason the trade unions should retain their monopoly over the workers.  The unions should be voluntary organizations like the rest of America’s organizations, formed by the workers and company unions allowed for more efficiency and better employee-employer relations.  The trade union leaders are elitists, corruption is rampant, nor do they serve the workers.  The leaders ignore the economic reality of protecting the worker’s jobs, or that higher wages are only possible with more production.  Unions are primarily responsible for the rust belt (steel manufacturing, because of feather-bedding, make-work politics, unreasonable job protection, etc.); out-sourcing of jobs, the economic failure of America’s auto industry; bankruptcy of business (some on purpose), municipalities, and states (such as California).  Much of Obama’s “stimulus money” went to the unions as pay-back for funding his campaign. The government employee’s union received money to the tune of $80,000,000.

The National Education Association: The NEA must be rid of the Educational Socialists that control it and returned to the Patriotic teachers.  They will restore the teaching of Americanism in the classrooms.  The Department of Education must go and the schools returned to the states, teachers, & parents.  There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Federal Government authority over education.  It belongs to the state.

The Private Foundations: The wealthy foundations and other organizations must be allowed to return to their founders intent, such as Ford.   They were penetrated and taken over by Socialist disciples for their exclusive purpose of moving Socialism into the society.  The heirs of the founders should be able to regain control of them, if they desire.

Taxpayer Funding of Subversive Organizations: Congress must be barred from funding subversive organizations or organizations that grant them taxpayer funds.

The Oath of Office: All who swear to it must abide by it, which calls for protecting and defending the Constitution.  The Oath must be held sacred.  If those that violate their Oath can’t be prosecuted for violations, then they must resign.

The Environmental Political Movement: The U.N.’s environmental movement, created as a way to socialize the world, must be re-examined and the wasteful and non-scientific restrictions of no economical benefit or usefulness created on false and lied-about science, created to redistribute the world’s wealth which wastes, and continues to waste multi-billions of dollars, such as alternate fuels, unsubstantiated EPA dictates must be eliminated.  The “Greens” are colorblind.  The movement is Socialist-pink, moving to Communist-Red.

Others: The Constitutional Foundation sets out a way to destroy the Socialists in America.  It is set out below.  There are others but the above will cut the heart out of the Socialist’s power, considerably level the playing field, and put them on the defensive.  But it is not enough, even if it restores Americanism .  But there is a sure way ‘enough’ can be accomplished.  That is set out below too.

The Constitutional Foundation:

The Constitutional Foundation came to be in 2003 as a tax deductible, non-profit educational think tank.  After 30 years of researching what was happening to America, why and who was responsible, and how they operated, their mentality and how they managed to be so successful undermining America’s Foundation and principles was uncovered.  The first thing TCF became aware of was that Americans didn’t have the slightest idea what Socialism was even though they wallowed in it, not able to recognize what was wrong.  They believed in the myth it was dead.  In four years, from never hearing or reading about Socialism with America, TCF has the Conservative media using terms of Socialism, per se, as common usage. Now that America’s Socialism has been exposed as threatening America’s Constitution and way of life, TCF moves to expose America’s Enemy Within.  TCF also researched the Conservative organizations to determine why they had such a dismal history of attacking America’s Fifth Column.  From that came the answer to how they can be stopped and defeated.

TCF uses the proven military theory, that if one doesn’t destroy the enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  And that is exactly what is happening to America today, not by military action, but with the dastardliness of treason; the undermining mole’s treachery of destroying what stands in their way.  TCF has moved directly against America’s Enemy Within by exposing their secrets that have been held from the citizens by the Enemy’s controlled media.  The Enemy attacks the base of America’s greatness, the Constitution, and Rule of Law, her economic power and financial base.  The most powerful ammunition Patriotic Americans have is the Constitution and Rule of Law, even though the Enemy Within has bent it.  Those that move to destroy the Constitution and Rule of Law are as much a traitor as those who spy for a foreign country.  In fact, they are more dangerous to America.  The Founders gave us a way to root out and prosecute those who spy for a foreign country, but not those who undermine and destroy our freedoms and rights to change Americanism into the ideology of a false peace and the misery of economic slavery, the consequences of where Socialism takes a society.

This Foundation’s efforts are now a direct attack on America’s Enemy Within, on a broad front that will rid America of this enemy!  That can be accomplished by amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason to be able to prosecute all whose efforts or sedition that will destroy the Constitution for the Traitors they are; the same way we punish our spies who spy for a foreign country.  The Amendment, with nothing to change and once enacted, would bring the definition of Treason into the 21st Century to serve America today in Her dire need; and for the following centuries to guard this from happening again.  Furthermore, amending Article III, Section 3, the definition of Treason against America, as stated herein, would also give We, the People, the means to guard our freedom and rights as the Founders warned us to do — or lose them — which is what is happening!

And while Patriotic Americans are enacting the Amendment, they should also make the Oath of Office sacred.  Abide by it or resign, if not able to be punished otherwise.


Amending the Constitution as stated is a very powerful weapon that will destroy America’s Enemy Within and nullify any Fifth Column from ever forming again.  But it is only as strong as humanity’s will.  Evil will always be present among humans and they will try again.  To have power over others, and with corruption brings wealth, is an extremely powerful driving force in humans that history has proven begets Evil.  The thousand years of Evil reviewed herein proves it also.  But Evil isn’t all that is involved; and thereby is a way that Evil can be controlled and kept at bay as long as humans are aware of it and stay prepared.

An understanding of America’s first two centuries of growing into greatness and mentality of the human’s part it played; examined against the events of the Socialist’s Evil’s successes undermining America’s foundation during the 20th Century, holds the answers of human’s mentality and behavior that stay immune to Evil’s actions and prevents Evil successes, even as such that happened to America.  Humans are nearly always deeply immersed in their own welfare and trust their elected leaders to do what is right for America and their Americanism.  That is what occurred in America’s first two hundred years.  But societies change with changing times and culture creep weakens human’s resolve which Evil takes advantage of.  Why America succumbed to the Fifth Column, not aware what was going wrong, not told anything, but eventually, after the Enemy Within grew emboldened and arrogant with their success, did they recognize that something was wrong.  This can be prevented too.  BUT IT MUST BE DONE BEFORE IT HAPPENS!  That requires educating young minds.

The Constitutional Foundation’s researching of why America went the way She did, made them aware of what changes societies.  That is a direct result of what humans learn.  America’s education in it’s first two hundred years educated patriotism and what the Founders created for America.  From log cabin, one-room schools and like-minded teachers came America’s greatness.  Evil tried numerous times to Socialize America in those years and none could ever grow into a nuisance or conversation piece.  Not until the Fabians came to change education in America and created America’s evil of the Fifth Column, America’s Enemy Within, which hides itself as progressives, liberals, leftists, et al, with America’s socialized media’s censorship, did America succumb.  Some accuse the media of bias.  Not so, this is censorship done on purpose.

The Constitutional Foundation, after it’s principles learning process, never moved into an organized, large organization.  It soon learned that would be futile.  Humans do not believe things they know not of, nor can one change an adult’s mind.  SO TCF build a little bonfire, commenced exposing the Socialization of America as a first step, and used Evil’s method of persistence to fan the flames.  But TCF looks to the future and preservation of America, Her Americanism and principles.  They are the answer to peace and prosperity for humanity, the end of wars, and the complete subjugation of Evil into being able to only dream for eternity.

TCF will reorganize, and move to create the culture and society that will see to it that an Enemy Within never again happens to America, not in centuries, but in millenniums.  It won’t be able to destroy Evil minds, but it will make it so that Evil can’t destroy societies again.  Those that may be interested in becoming part of TCF’s new structure; we will be glad to hear from you.  The organization should be in place and ready to move ahead as soon as the Amendment has been enacted.  It will have lots to do with restoring America’s education, back to what made it great!

Toby Elster


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