The Future of the Constitutional Foundation

The Constitutional Foundation has not gone away!  Today we address Patriotic America’s dire position and need.  America is in an internal war with a very subversive Enemy Within.  This enemy is far more dangerous to Patriotic America than our spies are who spy for a foreign country.  But this enemy can be defeated and expelled from our society.

After bringing the terms of Socialism, per se, into common usage by the Conservative media, exposing the socialization of America. TCF has moved on.  TCF wondered why the Conservatives and their organizations have such a dismal history countering America’s subversive Enemy Within, our anti-American Constitution destroying cadre of Socialist and Communists.  We researched and found answers from which solutions to America’s dire position in Her internal war can be changed, won, and kept from this ever happening again.

My father was a successful pioneer farmer who bought desert land, with water rights, and started a very successful farming career through the good and bad times, before and after the government ‘took over’.  The first thing he had to do was clear the brush, the subversive growth, to prepare the land to plant even one seed.  Today, America has been turned into a desert a century in coming, that needs the noxious brush cleared, the subversive Enemy Within of Her Constitution and Patriotic Americans, before the restoration of Her greatness that was, can be undertaken.  TCF moves in that direction.  It makes Hillsdale College aware that Patriotic Americans can overcome the malfeasance of the malice that used their common methods to destroy all that Americanism has stood for and created.

Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, which defines Treason, needs to be brought into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire needs today.  The article should be amended, and it is unnecessary to change the Constitution, so that all whose actions will or can destroy the Constitution should be made the traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  With a couple years of hindsight, the omission appears to be an oversight of the Founders, not giving the Constitution the means to protect itself from such as has happened.  Warning the people to protect and guard their freedoms and rights, or lose them which We, the People, the forceful means of the Rule of Law to do just that.  Possibly the Founders were aware of the Order of the Illuminati, but the history of America’s 20th Century corruption into Socialism only reveals the power of evil over the unaware.  While the moral of that lesson sets out that if the evil comes from the very powerful, the people are in trouble.  While those who should have stopped America’s socialism, failed miserably, serving evil instead.

Then the Oath of Office needs addressing too.  Only the military serves by their Oath, and they can only stop a foreign enemy, not the Enemy Within.  All others who swear to the Oath ignore it, many to the point of being Traitors.  The Oath of Office needs some ‘teeth’ that which the Rule of Law can address.  Serve by the Oath or be subject to what the law will be, that can ‘bite’.

We need to get the message broadcast far and wide that the Constitution needs amending, as stated.  With the amendment enacted, America can be SAVED, RESTORED, and Patriotic Americans will have their America back for generations to come.

Then TCF needs the amendment in hand as a tangible item to stir-up the grassroots of the organizations with larger memberships.

America today, faces two critical elections; for speculation of what comes tomorrow for American Society.  The one in November to checkmate the White House cabal from further destruction of the Society, and the election of 2012 is to rid the noxious vermin of Socialism/Communism from the seats of controlling power over American policy.  If the debate over the amendment is flourishing, then all that has been hid from the people during the 20th Century will be exposed, and the American voters will have an informed choice!

Toby Elster


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