Retaking Patriotic America

America is in a divisive internal war!  Patriotic Americans vs. America’s Anti-American Socialists/Communists Cadre, Her Constitution-Destroyers socializing America who occupy the White House!  How these people got there, and why America has them is posted on many Constitutional Foundation’s articles on this website!

How this enemy within can be depowered and destroyed permanently, a must to win the war, is on the reverse side.  To win means we, the people’s, Freedoms, Rights, Rule of Law, and The Constitution are hereafter untouchable.  To lose the war means kissing these Freedoms, Rights, and the rest of Americanism goodbye!  America will be headed into a global government under the United Nation’s Constitution and dictates.

Time is precious to stop America’s Enemy Within!  Your help is required to spread this message far, wide, and often, to get the amendment enacted!  Doing so can be hastened by donating tax deductible funds to the Constitutional Foundation to move into National Advertising with this message!  These adds and billboards cost into five figures.  Do what you can for Patriotic America’s sake!

Enacting the Amendment is a permanent solution for Patriotic Americans for the generations to come!  Take these articles, and spread them around!

Thank You, For America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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