America Today! What about America Tomorrow?

America is in dire straits today!  She is in a an internal ‘war’ with a subversive Enemy Within.  This Enemy is far more dangerous to Patriotic Americans then our spies who spy for a foreign country.  The guardians of our freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law, our Constitution disregard their sworn Oath of Office; and Patriotic Americans are at the mercy of the Enemy.

Their subversive Enemy Within, America’s anti-American Constitution-Destroyers of Socialist/Communists have created a desert of socialism out of America’s sovereignty, Her greatness, and Her military might, the guardians of peace.  My father bought desert land, with water rights, and had to clear the brush, the subversive growth, before he could prepare the land to plant even one seed.  That has to be the first priority to reclaim and Save AMERICA also.  Those of the noxious weed of Socialism/Communism that are destroying the Constitution must go!  THEY CAN BE BEAT! AMERICANISM CAN BE RESTORED!

The Constitutional Foundation, in only four years, helped bring the terms of Socialism, per se, into common usage by the Conservative media, exposing what has not been told to Americans in almost a century — that America was being socialized.  We wondered why the Conservative organizations have such a dismal history, in over 50 years of effort, of even slowing America’s subversive Enemy Within’s encroachment against the principles of the Constitution; slowly pushing them aside at the expense of our freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law.  We researched, we found answers, and with them came a solution to get rid of America’s subversive, Enemy Within, once and forever.  With Patriotic American’s push, creating the force to get the Constitution amended that would make the Enemy Within the Traitors they are, America and Her Americanism can be SAVED, RESTORED, and PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WILL HAVE THEIR AMERICA BACK!

That can be accomplished with an addition to the definition of TREASON in Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution.  No change to the Constitution is necessary.  The amendment will create a guard to the Constitution to protect itself from what the Founders overlooked.  The protection to the Constitution will be a permanent protection that will last for centuries.  No subversives, like those who reside in the White House or Congress today, could ever start again.

When all whose subversive actions or efforts can or will destroy the Constitution are made the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason, by the proposed amendment to the definition of Treason, America will be on the way to restoration of what the Founders created for America.  With America’s noxious anti-American Constitution-Destroyers out of the way, unable to interfere, then Patriotic Americans can restore Americanism, issue by issue, without interference from those who have had a free hand to destroy the Constitution, issue by issue.  Only the debates of which is the best way will prevail.

What would the amendment mean to an individual?  It would not keep anyone from their beliefs.  But those beliefs must conform to the Constitution, regarding America’s governing policies.  If their beliefs are contrary to the Constitution, such as Socialism or Communism, then those beliefs, if put forth for change will destroy the Constitution’s principles, as is happening, it would make then a Traitor, punishable for Treason.

In citing a recent case in Rwanda in East Africa (The Wall Street Journal, April 24-25, 2010, P.11a), after years of genocide, Paul Kagame, a Supply-Sider who finally ended the genocide, and as president, has Rwanda on a financially stable foundation of self-sufficiency, had a ‘political activist’ returned from 16 years of exile arrested because she was known to represent the perpetrators of Rwanda’s genocide.  Held over night, Ms. Inagbire was released on bail.  But unless she’s officially cleared of the charges, she’s barred from registering her party, the Democratic Liberation Forces, in elections.  That is what should happen in America.  All should be barred from advocating changes to the Constitution that would undermine and destroy the principles of the Founder’s intent, as Socialists and Communists have, and are doing.

Your efforts are needed.  Your job is to spread the message far and wide.  That by amending the Constitution, as stated, America will be saved along with the Constitution.  Just as important, the Amendment will also give, We the People, the means to guard and protect our freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law, as we were warned to do, but haven’t — so we are losing them.

Toby Elster


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