Response to Philip Klein’s “The Empress of Obamacare!”

The caption just arrived.  The cover, staring at me, is what set me off.  Except for a quick scan of the captioned article, I’ve read more of it then I intended to read.  What editor Klein stated of Secretary Sebelius is undoubtedly factual, but I’ve been familiar with her since she was Insurance Commissioner in Kansas.  Nothing she ever did was in the interest of the people.  Only for her, a true-blue always for me political animal.  She had no principles, and what she is going to do in her present position is bow to the one who put her where she is — unless he’s bowing to someone else — she’ll wait.  Since he doesn’t have a practical ounce of sense, that’s what the people are going to get.  The first ‘red box’ aside of the article is as it will be, but the writer’s “they left it to the secretary of HHS to work out.”, should of also mentioned that it will be the same as stated is what we’ll get.

By the way, where are the law suits that will put ObamaCare on hold until it goes to the Supreme Court, or if it fails to get repealed?

And, in case The American Spectator intends to cover the event, BP’s great ommission of didn’t know; forgot; over-looked; or just gambled, of the capability of the pressure of approximately 20,000 PSI at the bottom of their blow-out well, Halliburton was not, in any way, responsible.  From a life time in the oil fields, and having Halliburton on location over a hundred times, never once did they ever fail to voice their opinion if they believed what they were on location to do, to point out better or safer ways to do what they were told to do.  After that it was my decision on how we would proceed.

So it was with BP at the blow out; from the supervisor of electrical functions on the platform when ‘she blew out’ and caught fire, with an interview with Fox News.  He knew exactly what happened and I understood every one of his comments, and why they occured as they did.  Perhaps BP could have managed what their carelessness caused, but after the platform went to the sea bottom, they were in deep doo-doo — as it turned out.

But the environmental mess is the government’s fault!  The oil, much of which is now on the beaches, could have been reclaimed from the sea before it got fives miles from the location.  But where are the barges equipped to reclaim the spilled oil would be kept busy — and ready to respond to a blowout.  So why isn’t the Coast Guard so equipped?

Toby Elster


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