Reply “Never Back Down” & “Clear and Concise”

“Never Back Down” and “Clear and Concise”, Mail Call letters by Christopher Metzger and Michael Arnold, respectively, July 2010 America’s 1st Freedom, reminded me of Dave Kapel’s article “NRA Makes It’s Case”, which got set aside.  It’s important because Wayne LaPierre noted that the NRA was broadening it’s outlook to “defend the entire Bill of Rights.”  The Constitutional Foundations moves to have the Constitution amended to make all Constitution-destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable by Treason.

Wayne LaPierre also makes the case for it in his “Making a Federal Case of Trying Armed Criminals”, (July 2010, America’s 1st Freedom).  Stopping armed criminals is a major priority of the Constitution.  The failure of the federal prosecutors to protect citizens should make Patriotic, law-abiding citizens boiling mad!

Wayne LaPierre’s article should appear in some Washington D.C. publications to add weight to columnist’s King’s exposure.  And if not, there is at least in some of the small cities publications surrounding Washington D.C.  People should start asking, do we have a government anymore that puts We, the People, first?!

Toby Elster


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