What is In Obama’s Mind?

The Constitution Foundation moves to create the FORCE to amend Article III, Section 3, of the definition of Treason so it will also include all whose efforts or sedition will or can destroy the Constitution, Traitors, and punishable for Treason.

The amendment, once enacted, would be a permanent change that would protect the Constitution from destruction by America’s anti-American Socialists; and also give we, the People, the means to guard our Freedoms, Rights, and Rule of Law, while also keeping the Constitution the way the Founders created it.

Who is Obama? “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution” by David Horowitz leaves little doubt that he is prosecutable under the Federal Criminal Code, Section 2385.  It states, “whoever knowingly or willfully…” then goes on and lists what includes the crime of destroying the government, including “to install a foreign ideology…”.  That Obama has the Communist mentality of Adam Weishaupt, who created the Order of the Illuminati which sets out how the ‘isms’ of Socialism/Communism attains their ends through deceit, infiltration, and any means necessary for their Socialism to become the ruler of their objective.  Hegel, who defined Socialism on which the four mentalities or Marx, Lenin, Alinsky & Obama, carried the mentality into the White House.  Obama’s mind stays centered on power and revolution to finish the Socialization of America and bring Her into the Global Government of the United Nations.  These minds are not capable of truth.

Toby Elster


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