Why Barrels of Oil Reached the Shores

You will find “Why No Barges on the TCF site.  It mentions that I spent a lifetime in the oil fields and have had my own experiences with a couple blowouts, gnat sized compared to BP’s.  It also tells why BP got into this mess of their own making.  BP’s offshore location is approximately 50 miles from shore.  The oil that the blowout spews, perhaps 15,000 barrels of oil per day, still a lot for any well, took two weeks for the first of it to reach shore?  Something smells fishy, and it’s not the crude oil or fish.  Not one gallon should have made it to shore!

It was three weeks before Obama came to Louisiana.  Was he smiling?  Now we learn that several countries offered assistance, skimmers and containment booms to reclaim the oil before it reached shore.  They were refused.  Why? The Gulf companies weren’t organized to handle the spill with barges to reclaim the oil off the water.  Were they waiting on permission form the government?  Not until the shore was contaminated from Louisiana to Florida did Obama speak up.  His words of accusations and threats, instead of moving to capture and reclaim the spilled oil, which any emergency requires, didn’t materialize.  Obama only kept repeating what BP already had said numerous times–that they took responsibility and would pay the damages.  Instead, Obama muddled the waters that hindered the operations, then shook BP down for billions of dollars for them to escrow for the government to do what BP was already doing.  As L.H. Roth of Florida said in a letter to an editor, commenting on what his father said when Social Security came to be, “It’s a good thing, the idea to help people save for retirement.  But I don’t think it’s a good idea to let the government handle the money.”  What a prophesy, and just as true today.  Hopefully BP will be able to watch those ill-gotten ‘government’ funds better then We, the People do.


The Socialist/Communist cabal in the White House would have let that oil migrate to the Ohio River if they could.  They need the crisis to nationalize, aka socialize, America’s energy just like they did healthcare, aka Obamacare.  Their cadre in Congress are ready to enact Cap and Trade (about as good a distributor of wealth as any).  Cap and Trade is exorbitant taxes under their political lies of having to trade CO2 to stop global warming!  A political environmentalist’s move, to socialize the world for their New World Oder.  Co2 was politically declared a pollutant, another one of their lies to serve their purpose.  Cap and Trade is a United Nations creation to help socialize the world into a one-world government under the dictates of the U.N.  They believe Americans should be paying at least $7.00 per gallon for gasoline.  And that is where Cap and Trade will take gasoline’s prices while it enriches the Gore’s as they buy and sell CO2 allotments, a totally unnecessary and unbeneficial, but expensive and energy cost increasing  distributing the wealth pursuit.

A recent interview by The New American of Art Crino, P.E., an expert specialist from a career in power-generation stated the following on alternate energy: “The government will continue to wast taxpayer’s money on wind, solar and other so-called renewables.  States that have ‘renewable portfolio standards’ (which he stopped in his home state of Oregon) of quota-renewable energy, are sure to keep energy prices inflated and production inefficient.”  Just what the New World Order states.  Along with their demands to shut down fossil fuels, which will send energy-costs soaring, and energy in short supply, aka black-outs.

Energy Specialist Crino testified that CO2 emissions create a 0.71% increase in national income per 1% CO2 emission.  Coal, gas (natural), and nuclear can meet the demand for energy for centuries, keeping energy costs at a minimum and industry independent, exactly what the world socializers despise because it doesn’t help, but hinders their cause.

Such is the mentality of why the BP’s blowout was allowed to move uninterrupted to the shore.  The actions of the Communist cabal in the White House fits their philosopher’s teaching; to create the new, the old must be destroyed, and socialism is a well-proven great destroyer.

With energy socialized into America’s nationalization, there won’t be much left to be socialized.  That is why We, the People, have a cabal of Communists in the White House and a cadre of Socialists (Socialism being the first step to Communism)  as an Enemy Within America.  If America’s Enemy Within is successful in finishing the Socialization of America, next they will cede America’s sovereignty to the Global government, the New World Order; and the Constitution that showed the world to peace and prosperity will be null and void.  The United Nations has their own Constitution, and it’s not one for freedoms, rights, Rule of Law or they way to peace and prosperity.

The fastest, and by far the best, way to stop that from occurring is to amend the definition of Treason, in the still alive Constitution, so that all whose actions or sedition will or can destroy the Constitution be made the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  That message must be spread far, wide and often to get the amendment enacted.  Your help is needed!

The Constitutional Foundation’s efforts are in that direction.  It’s resources are meager, and any donations (tax deductible) will be used for buying ads to spread the word, will be appreciated.

Toby Elster


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