Why Did American’s Get Sold Out (Pt. 1)

Obama, after his election, stated, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.”  Did anyone on the right side of the Patriot’s fence know what he mean besides the Constitution Foundation?  That was the “change” he campaigned on.  Unfortunately, most people were not listening then.

Our Founders, upon the ratification of the Constitution, told Americans that all are equal with the Rights and Freedoms to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  And if you want to keep them, GUARD THEM!!!  Since they created limited government, that meant keep it limited.  Power was vested in the States and We, the People.  They meant to hold on to it.  Americans did for 200 years.  Then why did things change? Who changed them?

The answer is simple, EDUCATION!  Educate a child through their formative years (into their early teens) and what they learn is what they’ll believe and be.  American children learned in log cabins, and frontier one-room schools.  They were taught American culture, mores, history, to be independent and self-sufficient; and from that America got a fiercely patriotic and independent society that lasted through World War II.  What happened that America changed after that?

Some call it cultural creep.  It occurs if some of the previous education is changed or omitted.  The culture of the society gets de-emphasized from what is not learned.  If the education is changed to something different, the society’s culture changes too.  If the society changes from changing events and times, cultural creep is slow and peaceful.  If it is induced for nefarious reasons, the opposite usually occurs.

What the Founders knew, of their times, there were those whose efforts were contrary to the established culture and mores of Europe that they wished to change.  There ‘nation-changers’ were undermining the established mores, for their “happiness in a world they would create.”  When they ruled the world, which was their secret purpose, this Order of the Illuminati brought forth the worst in humans.  It created the French Revolution (as the Royalty and Catholics slept), moved to eradicate religion; and became the base for all the ‘isms’ of Fascism, such as Marxism, Socailism, Communism, Nazism, Leninism, Stalinism, et al.  Their beliefs of population-control has starved, murdered, and exterminated over 200 million humans during the 20th Century.  Their missionaries for world control showed up in early America.  George Washington sent them packing back to Europe.

But as usual, when those ideas gather a following, there are always modifications and extensions of what the Illuminati created; and those ideas came to America with immigrants.  What became known as Socialism was promoted and tried in numerous dozens of ways through the 1800’s.  None could penetrate the patriotism that had developed in America; embedded through their education, freedom, rights and independence.

Events or things, such as changes, good or bad, in governments, don’t just happen.  There is always a cause and reason for it.  In the mid-latter half of the 1800’s, the very wealthy of England commenced a movement for a one-world government for economic reason.  Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (with the Illuminati’s help) was penetrating Western Europe also.  England’s poor were in dire poverty.  It was blamed on the Industrial Revolution, overlooking the inherent psyche of human nature.  A couple in London, the Webbs, of the intelligentsia, trying to alleviate the miserable conditions of workers, proved, in their attempt, that Karl Marx was wrong about his “workers revolution”.  They decided that societies could be changed through education, against the people’s will, and especially if they didn’t know it was happening!  They proved their theory, educating Karl Marx’s rendition of Hegel’s ‘distribution of wealth for all to live free of need and want, in harmony and peace, if the wealth was pooled by the government and distributed to each according to his need.’  It was a great selling point, except humans don’t think or believe that way.  What they earn with their labor they want to keep.  HUMANS DEMAND THAT THEY ENJOY THE FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR!  But there are always those who won’t labor and contribute, but they demand their share too.  Socialism doesn’t work, not has ever worked.  Because those who produce, soon won’t share with the growing numbers of non-producers.  Now the society is headed for an economic disaster and slavery for the subjects, as the elitist in charge force the subject to keep them in their life style.  But the growing group of believers who thought that Socialism wass the answer to the world’s poverty, proved their theory that they could get the society to believe also, in the colleges of England, Germany and their colonies.

These Fabians, as they called themselves, also adopted the idea of a one-world government for their dreamed of world of Socialism.  They realized that America would have to be brought into their plan too; to create a Global Government.  They also knew that America had been rejecting Marxist-Socialism for almost 100 years, but decided they could Socialize America too if they could penetrate America’s education system.  In 1899, they came to America, as Liberals, to introduce their ‘New Education’ into America’s colleges of influence.  John D. Rockefeller, already an international banker, cared nothing about Socialism, but recognized the advantages of a one-world government, and funded the Fabians’ movement.  They bought ‘white papers’ of their ‘New Education’ by the Deans of the Ivy League colleges of influential teaching to be taught by them.  The Ogden Movement moved the Fabian’s ‘New Education’ into the Southern colleges — to educate African-Americans (exactly what Obama did with his ‘change’ to get elected)!!!  The Fabians were shrewd.  Not only did they stay undercover, but they educated the second tier of government; the aides, staffs, and those who would move into positions of influence that would be advisers to the top leaders.  America was on the way to Socialism and a cultural change!

The Fabian’s efforts were first revealed in Woodrow Wilson’s administration.  When the Socialism was recognized for what it was, it was known as Progressiveness the next day.   By now, the Socialists of journalism had penetrated America’s media too, and had it silenced to not publish a word of what was going on.  That holds true too today!  It is not bias in the media — it is outright censorship.  Honesty should be made a tenet of freedom of the press.  America’s Socialized media is America’s greatest Traitor for not telling the people  And that is also why Americans won’t believe what happened to America and why.  But it is out there today in the literature, and can be dug out in bits and pieces into the complete sordid change of events.  (TCF reviews the highlights of those events again.)


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