Obama, America’s Traitor in the White House

Is Obama stupid?  No, Socialists and Communists are never stupid.  Those who extol those beliefs are of the intelligentsia, selling ‘change’ for their beliefs to attain elitism.  A traitor, outside of American principles or a Capitalist society of free markets and the Rule of Law, he is.  Obama and his cabal of Czars who administer America’s destiny have a Socialist agenda for America.  This is set in hardened cement.  These people’s minds can not be changed.  Their mission in life is to attain their beliefs, believing their ends justifies their means.  Their beliefs of Socialism for the world can not deliver either, as history has proven numerous times.

Obama, and his appointees, the Czars, that direct the environmental matters for America, are of the political greens, propagandized into false beliefs of environment; radical Socialists whose misguided policies are intentionally to support their Socialism for America’s agenda.  That cabal of anti-American, Constitution-destroyers, swore to the Oath of Office to PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, are traitors as their beliefs are opposite.  They are perjurers, as they move to destroy the Constitution they swore to protect and defend.  Their agenda conforms to their Socialist beliefs, proven theory, that in order to create a new society, the old must be destroyed first.  So they chip away at the Constitution, destroying it as they move their Socialist agenda into law.

Why hasn’t Obama’s Stimulus for a robust economy and jobs worked?  Human ingenuity is the best provider and organizer for people’s needs and wants.  All government does is get in the way.  That is what creates businesses and jobs, letting entrepeneurs function.  Obama’s stimulus spending grew government and created only government jobs.

What is Obama’s policy for America’s energy to keep the economy running and growing?  He promotes Cap and Trade, a United Nation’s conceived idea to control their imagined beliefs that humans can influence global warming.  But their real purpose is to distribute the wealth from the producing countries to the third world.  So far, the distribution of the wealth of Cap & Trade goes to the wealthy who trade carbon allotments at the expense of higher fuel and energy costs for the consumers.  Cap & Trade is hidden tax on fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) under the pretense that CO2 is a pollutant.  It is not! CO2 or carbon dioxide, which is exhaled by humans from the oxygen they breathe is the life blood for plant life, which does the opposite, taking in CO2 and giving off oxygen.  The Carbon is the structure of the trees and plants, which grow profusely when CO2 is abundant.  Cap & Trade creates a tax on energy which increases the cost.

The radical green mentality of Obama and his Czar’s energy policy for America is to do away with cheap fossil fuel to be replaced with alternate fuels.  This is about as stupid as economic idea that an imagination can conceive if they are not Socialists or Communists, and doesn’t have a secret hidden agenda for America.  Since Obama is not stupid, is he actually fulfilling the ‘change’ he had in mind for America all along?  Is he delivering his hidden agenda for America?

In examining the idea of Obama replacing fossil fuels with alternate fuels, the first thing that comes to mind is that America’s fuel source is 85%  fossil fuel.  Because it is abundant in all three forms, it is the cheapest and most efficient energy that drives the world’s industry.  Should Obama shut down America’s fossil fuel supply, America would have to import what they can no longer produce for themselves; because of foolishness, further undermining America’s economic power and raising energy costs substantially.  Alternate fuels have been proven to be less efficient, requiring more, and some alternates require more fuel to produce then what they yield.  They can not compete with already scrubbed and cleaned coal of which America has centuries of it available, along with an abundance of oil and natural gas.  Alternate fuels are heavily subsidized by your tax of multi-billions of dollars — and America is already cash poor and deeply in debt.  Soon they will require more tax dollars.  America’s financial base is shaky and the dollar loses value in global trade, making imports more expensive.  It doesn’t make sense, common or otherwise, to shut down America’s fuels supply, and import it instead.  Does Obama want to bankrupt America?  Considering the policies of the Administration, the answer is yes.  It complements Obama’s beliefs to destroy America as a world power, to be ceded to the United Nations, and their dreamed of one-world government at the expense of America’s sovereignty.

Fossil fuels 85% of America’s energy consumption, with three highly developed substructures in place to deliver fuels that run America’s industry.  It is the cheapest and most abundant and efficient energy available.  Nuclear furnishes approximately 10% of America’s energy and is more expensive.  Alternate fuels, not a dependable or will never be as abundant, cannot deliver the increased demand for energy that America’s industry requires for it’s growth.  With 5% or less of America’s energy being supplied by alternate fuels, while wind is not reliable, and solar cannot yield large supplies of electricity, should the government stop subsidizing alternate fuels, (which already threatens ethanol), America needs to have that 5% of energy ready to be replaced.  Only oil, natural gas or coal can meet that demand.  Since America hasn’t built any nuclear plants, that fuels is a couple of decades down the road.

Obama has shut down drilling the deep water Gulf of Mexico wells from which America’s substantial supply of readily available gas and oil comes from, for not one valid reason.  The carelessness of BP was a one-time event that the cabal in the White House helped to create the spill into a crisis as one they needed for government control of energy and utilities.  Obama’s decision says he is not wasting the crisis either, as he destroys America’s available best energy.  Obama’s rhetoric, without reason, says America shouldn’t import foreign oil.  Yet his actions cause the opposite.  If his policy of not drilling or mining prevails, America will not have any choice but to import when he shuts down.  But even then America will not have enough energy to run Her industries, and the people will experience lengthy blackouts.  When I grew up on the farm, we had our own electric generating ‘Delco’ for several years before electricity was available.  It looks like we may have to go back to it again, to allow Obama his way with energy too, if there will be enough gasoline or diesel to run a generator.

Obama is on the way to accomplish what he was promoted into the White House to do.  It is to complete the socialization of America, and slip Her into the Global Government.  But there is a way to stop him, in order to save the Constitution and America, Her Americanism.  A simple amendment to the Constitution can accomplish stopping these anti-American destroyers of the world’s greatest and most envied Nation of peace, prosperity and freedoms and rights of the people.

Amending the definition of Treason in Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution to make these destroyers of the Constitution the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  This will stop them and make them flee, change their minds — or else.  It would be a permanent solution, correcting what the Founders overlooked in creating the Constitution.  It would create the means for the Constitution to protect itself while also giving We, the People, the means to guard and protect our freedoms and rights, as the Founders warned us to do.  Then the Constitution and America can be restored to it’s principles and greatness once again.

The suggested Amendment follows: After deleting the world ‘only’ in the first sentence of Section 3, then adding to the definition of Treason: “Whoever knowingly and willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of moving to install a foreign ideology whose theory or desires contradicts the Founder’s created Constitution which will or can destroy the Constitution of the United States of America are punishable for Treason as set out in the original Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Save America

Toby Elster


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