Why Did America Get Sold Out (Pt. 2)

After the Socialism of Wilson’s administration, Socialism stayed in the second tier of government.  They did penetrate the Foreign Department of the State Department in the 1920’s and are still there.  FDR was a full-blossomed Fabian Socialist when and before he became President.  He had also served in Wilson’s Cabinet.  By now, the media was under the Socialist’s control, and FDR never said one word to the people about the effort to make America a socialized nation to join their ‘dreamed of’ one-world government.  The few that knew and spoke up weren’t believed or heard, if not silenced.  FDR gave the Fabians their world headquarters, the United Nations; after their first attempt failed with the League of Nations.  But in 1921, Rockefeller created the Council on Foreign Relations to do what the League of Nations was supposed to do.  The World’s move to Socialism and global government had a very powerful leadership in both America and Europe!

The United Nations was no sooner ‘in business’ than it moved into America’s foreign policy.  America has not won a war since then, except under three Presidents who kept them out: Eisenhower, Reagan, and George W. Bush in his first term.  FDR”s three New Deal socializing programs all failed, but he did set the foundation for the shift of power from We, the People, to Special Interests.  And Special Interests do love Socialism to curtail competition.  FDR also let the Communists have a free reign in America.  Many believed the USSR’s Communism was the way for America to go; nor would America’s Socialized media publish the truth of the USSR.  Instead, it published the lies of the rosiness that wasn’t there.  Numerous Americans migrated there during the 1930’s, and it was the worst mistake of their lives.  They moved into Socialism’s failure and slavery, and could not leave!

Harry Truman, who became President on FDR’s death in April 1945, could have stopped Socialism, gotten rid of the Socialists, had he cleaned up the mess FDR left for him.  Instead he chose to protect and save the Democrat Party, and for that, America suffers to this day.  We now have a Communist in the Oval Office who is destroying America’s economic power and the Constitution.  Both of these Presidents swore to the Oath of Office to PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  They do not stand alone!  There were others who also committed this treachery.  The Oath of Office needs some teeth that bite in it to make those who take it comply to the Oath, or answer to perjury.  The only ones who do anymore is our military!

Lyndon Johnson was a United Nations President.  His War on Poverty suited their beliefs.  It cost America one trillion dollars only to find out that those it was supposed to help, didn’t want to change.  LBJ also let the U.N.ers in his administration conduct the Vietnam War.  Jimmy Carter was one of America’s worst Presidents (until Obama came along to be the most traitorous).  Carter catered to the United Nations.  He destroyed a friendly, Democratic-inclined Shah of Iran, and opened the door for the Ayatollah Khomeini to return and make Iran an Islamic country again.  But worse and more treacherous, Carter gave the Education Socialists the Department of Education as a pay-off for supporting his election.  That gave America’s Education Socialists control over the schools’ curriculum.  The Clinton’s were United Nations supporters too.  Ford and the elder Bush are of the New World Order, meaning Global Government and borderless nations of multiculturalism, to suit the Internationalists.  That means America will have to give up Her sovereignty and world economic power, which she still has and will remain so for decades if patriotic Americans wake up to what is going on, and stop Obama and his cabal of anti-American Constitution-destroyers.  What is Obama’s cabal about?  Obama, America’s most traitorous President, got elected with Socialism’s deceitful ways, and America’s Socialized media not telling the people what Obama meant by his ‘change’.  And he serves the United Nations by trying to complete the Socialization of America, so She can be slipped into their Global Governemtn, as Americans sleep.

Except the Tea Parties have gotten in Obama’s way.  But that is not enough, as America’s fortitude, will and patriotism fades away as the Society’s culture creeps toward Socialism.  Too many Americans are blinded by the governments’ largess and their ‘take care of me’ attitude, unknowingly they are paying for it with their freedoms and rights.  The Socialists have to be stopped, and for good — they never give up.  The military realizes, IF ONE DOES NOT DESTROY THE ENEMY, THE ENEMY WILL DESTROY YOU.  And that is exactly what is happening to Americanism as they destroy the Constitution.  So the Socialist movement in America must be destroyed, before they destroy Americanism.  That can be permanently done with a simple amendment to the Constitution.

EDUCATION: America’s education and why it is imperative that it must be reclaimed from the Education-Socialists.  They are using the classrooms, down into the pre-schoolers, to change America from what the Founders created into a total cultural change which is foreign and disastrous for the Constitution and Americanism, to suit their United Nation’s world of socialists societies.  How did they do it?

It is factual, One cannot change an adult’s mind without an extreme crisis.  Beliefs are formed when youths are ‘teachable’ from their early days through their early teens.  The Fabians, who Socialized America, knew also, that to change American society, they youth would have to be educated to their beliefs too.  One of their early great disciples was John Dewey, an early Fabian promoter of the New Education, being old Marxist-Socialism.  In 1932, Dewey became president of the National Education Association (NEA), an organization of excellent teachers whose only interest was education.  Through the NEA’s student’s Weekly Reader under Dewey, there began an indoctrination of the “government should do” for what the people were doing for themselves.  But unknown, he was also moving in others of his ilk, into positions of authority in the NEA.  In the 1950’s the Education-Socialists got control of the NEA, turned it into a teacher’s union for political power; and began  a slow, gradual shift of the classes curriculum to socialist indoctrination of their beliefs, and an easing out of Americanism and patriotism.  Since the elitist of Socialism’s beliefs need workers, not thinkers, they also started a dumbing-down of education and shift away from academics.  Why kids don’t learn today.  Then in 1976, Carter winning his election with the teacher’s unions help, delivered on his promise; and the Education-Socialists got their Department of Education.  Now they had control of the classes curriculum, and began a systematic indoctrination of the United Nation’s global view at the expense of Americanism and patriotism.  That continues today in many classrooms, almost to the point of propaganda; such as “Peace Posters”, a U.N. sponsered contest.  They indoctrinate multiculturalism and borderless nations.  And what the U.N believes, will never bring peace or prosperity; only a global government with Socialism’s miseries.

One of the first priorities, once the Socialists/Communists are de-powered, the schools cleared of education-socialists, the classrooms should be returned to teaching Americanism and patriotism.  Why?  Students, down to the first-graders are taught the necessities of condoms!  This is a Socialist’s measure to destroy America’s culture and mores introduced by the Feminist’s Socialist’s organizations.

Socialism has been proved numerous times, whether it was progressed or forced into the society, to never be successful’ only disastrous as soon as there is no more wealth to distribute.  Socialism does not address what human nature has inherently instilled in people.  It does not do what the Founders created for America.  It does the opposite, because the philosophy are opposites.  In summation, the Founders considered what humans desired as HUMAN INGENUITY IS THE BEST PROVIDER AND ORGANIZER FOR PEOPLE’S NEEDS AND WATS.  ALL GOVERNMENT DOES IS GET IN THEIR WAY!  That is the call for limited government, freedoms, rights, Rule of Law, and independence to be self-sufficient.  That is what the Constitution promises and delivers for those who wish to attain it.  The Constitution does not provide for those who choose to be the slackers of socialistic beliefs.  Their only hope is poverty, and food from charity.

The Constitution must be protected to save America.  It must be restored with the people’s rights and freedoms as the Founders created it.  They also set out a way to amend the Constitution, without calling for a Constitutional Convention, to keep the Constitution serving the people as times and culture changes.  But the Constitution’s principles must be kept intact if the society is going to live by the Rule of Law.  Those anti-Americans whose beliefs, actions or sedition can or will destroy the Constitution, which includes the ideologies of Socialism, Communism, Islamics, et al, are Traitors to Americanism.  They must be stopped and destroyed by bringing the definition of Treason, as set out in Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution into the 21st Century to serve America in Her dire need today.

Congress can pass an amendment to the Constitution with a two-thirds vote and the States ratify it with three-fourths of the States (38) and it is a done deal.  Or thirty-eight states can adopt an amendment and it becomes a done deal.  It can be done.  Spread the message far, wide and often.  A groundswell is needed to get it to gain Congress’ attention, and get it passed in today’s Congress.

Socialists or Communists aren’t the only threat to Americanism today.  The Islamics want their Sharia law for America, and no Constitution!  The Islamics are the Muslims who believe in Muhammad, who created Allah as an excuse to give himself privileges that were not extended to his followers; conquered all of Arabia, killed the prisoners and non-believers, and made himself the Caliph over all.  Their Koran is not a book of peace, but encourages Muhammad’s beliefs.  Their followers, and now also students in our colleges and universities, found throughout our society, are followers of the Brotherhood.  They are the educators of what Muhammad taught; hate and death to the non-believers, who establish Islamic Clubs (Muslim Student’s Association) in America, to conquer the world.  It is their belief that the world should live by their Sharia law, which keeps women in slavery and chattel of their husbands.  The dictator who followed Muhammad’s beliefs was Hitler and Nazism.

Now, if you don’t believe such could happen in America, because you were never told about it, one can find it in the literature because it is all there.  The German people didn’t believe that Hitler’s Brownshirts were more than youth clubs; Boy Scouts, until they led the attacks on those who wouldn’t become Nazis, and the Jews.  Look at what the jihadists, the radical Islamics, are doing in Europe today, not to mention the World Towers; and all their efforts that failed.  The medis is full of them.

Don’t sleep, and wake up to wonder, “What happened?”, when the ballot boxes are gone.  And the orders come down from the Capitol on how you can live and what you can do.  It could be closer than what we think!


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