To the Wall Street Journal

I step out of character and claim a jab at the WSJ for blacking out my letters to Opinions.

Since I have my pen in hand, Re: Opinion: “The CIA Solution for Afghanistan” & “The Missing Word in our Afghanistan Strategy” state the difference in America today, as socialized, and when She was Americanized.  There was never any doubt by the people and soldiers of WWII that the Allies were going to win the war.  But Jack Devin’s “Solution for Afghanistan” is off course.  That was is against Terror, not Afghanistan.  When the Islamic-Jihadists give up their efforts to conquer the world and their terror tactics, than the war is won.

And since I am sounding off, why do you reporters belittle Gen. McChrystal?  Doesn’t it ever enter reporters or journalists heads that he knew exactly what he was doing when he allowed his staff to talk to Rolling Stones?

Thank you, and back to saving America.  The Constitutional Foundation instigated, in a mere four years, the common usage of the term “Socialism” per se, by the conservative media, from previously never heard or read about in America.  Our thanks to the Wall Street Journal for finally coming in, even if in the later stages of the effort, getting it in to minds.

Now TCF moves to have the definition of Treason in the Constitution amended to bring it into the 21st Century to serve America now in her dire need.  TCF’s efforts are towards a permanent solution for America’s deterioration and to prevent it from happening again.  If you believe TCF is ‘out of the box’ that is belittling Milton Friedman.  Those are his findings, taken out of print and put in to action!

Toby Elster


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