Traitors are in the White House — These Communists are guilty of Treason

As buildings and bridges need a sturdy and solid foundation, so do nations.  America’s foundation is the Constitution.  Should any of those foundations fail their structures, they would crater into rubble.  Today, America’s foundation is under attack, being chipped away at, by America’s anti-American cabal and cadre, America’s and your Enemy Within, and the Constitution is not strong or solid anymore.  Without a solid Constitution of the strong principles the Founders created, America will no longer be a nation of greatness or freedoms.  Into the vacuum created with the rubble, the Enemy Within will gain ultimate power, America’s socialization will become a completed reality, and Her sovereignty ceded to the United Nation’s one-world government, aka as Global Government.  America will not be the nation our founders created.  They are already turning over in their graves from what has already happened to their America — the freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law whittled away during the past fifty and more years.

Our founders gave We, the People, a solid, sturdy, strong set of principles, they believed were set in cement.  Those principles served America well for almost two hundred years.  They build a nation that became the envy of mankind.  But a century ago the worms of Evil came to America, infesting first the government bodies, then the society, and undermining what the Founders created for their false beliefs that Socialism and world government was, already disproved, a better government.  That it could happen to this fiercely patriotic, independent people of America is unbelievable.  But the evil has 250 years of experience destroying nations, and they knew they had to change America’s education to their beliefs, while keeping secret what they were doing.  We, the People, have never been told what was happening, the change that was being secretly indoctrinated against the Constitution’s Rule of Law, to out America.  We only feel the ‘changes’ of the Evil as we lose our freedoms and rights.  These ‘changes’ are destroying America’s foundation, the Constitution.

Today the evil has wormed itself into all the levels of government, from the top down, and into the society with their corruption for ultimate power of their rottenness and illegality of their Socialism/Communism.  The mentality of those they corrupt don’t see or are not told of the dangers of their support of Evil’s beliefs.  The distribution of the wealth, taking from the earners, to give to the hoarders, slackers, shirkers and appropriate to give to the mentality of those whose political votes raid the nation’s treasury by excessive spending to please those who support the evil, is the trigger that will destroy the society as soon as the treasury is empty.  And today the last coin is gone from the vaults and America exists on shaky credit.

The Evil has, in America’s still free and unsuspecting society, been able to use what the Founders overlooked — a plank of the American foundation, the Constitution — by failing to give the Constitution a means to protect itself from what has occurred, the undermining of America’s foundation, which will lead to the society’s destruction.  The evil is destroying the Constitution because it stands in their way of attaining their objective.  That missing plank to America’s foundation is also necessary to give We, the People, the means to guard our Freedoms, Rights, and Rule of Law from the Evil’s encroachment and progression.  That must be remedied if America is to survive as the nation the founders built.  It can be done with a simple amendment to the Constitution in order to make the Constitution’s foundation strong and sturdy again, and impenetrable, which has occurred.

The Constitution, to make it strong and destruction free. must be able to prosecute all whose efforts or sedition can or will destroy the Constitution, by the traitors that they are, and will be followed by others, punishable for Treason, as set out in the Constitution.  The Constitution needs an amendment to Article III Section 3, which defines Treason, in order to make it a Treasonous act to destroy the Constitution.  Those people are Traitors to what America stands for, and should be prosecuted as such.

Furthermore, the Oath of Office has become a travesty to it’s purpose.  Those who swear to the Oath agree to “PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”.  But, except for the military, those who swear to this oath never give it consideration: they ignore, trample on, and destroy it, which occurs daily anymore, from the President down through the chain of authority.  The Oath of Office needs teeth that bite.  Those who take the Oath of Office and don’t abide by it should be able to be prosecuted for perjury.

The message to amend the Constitution to SAVE AMERICA must be spread far, wide and often.  As well as to State legislators who will have to ratify the Amendment.  There are not enough real patriots in Congress today who will pass the amendment.  If so, Congress won’t gut it to the meaningless.  The amendment will have to be forced through, retaining the power to prosecute those who are Traitors to the Constitution.  That can be accomplished with the Patriotic American’s groundswell.

The more Conservative Congressmen that can be elected in 2010 and 2012, the better the Congressional climate becomes to get it passed with the power to serve the Constitution.  Make sure the power of a conservative Congress is elected in 2010 and 2012 to ensure America’s destiny, and the longevity of the Founder’s principles remain solid and strong for centuries and centuries to come!

Toby Elster


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