Where did Everygreen Freedom Foundation go

The Constitutional Foundations efforts are towards a permanent solution for America’s deterioration to prevent it from ever happening again.

We used to hear quite a bit of EFF, but not lately.  Perhaps you are as frustrated as TCF is in trying to wake up Patriotic America, that they are becoming a minority, and ineffective as a political force and in danger of America’s anti-Constitutional Socialists confining us to a closet.

The Socialists/Communists secret to success is persistence, so we don’t give up either.  To understand America’s Enemy Within that ‘conquered Americans’ minds, we delved into theirs; traced their evil way’s history, that is in America today, as a chain of events for 250 years.  That is one picture.  One only wins the battles that way and not the way.  We also searched out the reasons and causes for the enemies’ successes.  Many are on the web site in the papers.

The purpose for this letter is to encourage Americans to wake up to the destruction that is coming.  It is happening, but far too slow.  For instance, Mark Levin talked about “unConstitutional issues”.  The other day he talked about “destroying the Constitution.”  Perhaps it came from the papers he received over the years?  Every Conservative organization, and especially the tea parties, should be talking about amending the Constitution as suggested.  TCF hasn’t got there yet.  Do we have enough time?

Thanks for your involvement!

Toby Elster


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