Review of the “Generation Zero” DVD

The “Generation Zero” DVD review by Selwyn Duke of David Bossie’s documentary (The New American, July 19, 2010) missed a critical point.  First, saying the WWII parents overindulged their offspring is misleading.  They were misled by a doctor’s book of raising children permissively.  That is where the lost generation of hippies and “airy philosophies” arose from.  But what Americans didn’t know and have never been told of what the author’s called “international socialists” being empowered.  Socialism is socialism, regardless of what it is named.  And it preys on the human mind, especially in America’s case, unknowingly.

Socialism has been defined by the economists.  But where are the psychologist and psychiatrists who delve deep into the minds that those Evil’s manipulate minds into their beliefs that destroy societies?  — what Bossie documented– much of which comes out of Socialism which creates dishonesty, breaks down morals, mores and culture of the established and functioning society.

America, during the 1930’s, still had the foundation and education, with the cultural creep of it’s previous eras, was still a society of charity, sharing, and helping each other, honest, and severely patriotic.  The ‘sane minds’ of “insane socialism” of the international socialists changed America, unknowingly to the people, into what David Bossie documented.  For instances, it’s an insane socialist’s mind of ‘dogoodism’ in government that creates the stock market’s wild swings.  The markets work by the minute; governments always by the months.  Only an insane mind would believe they can be micromanaged.

Toby Elster


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