To the Lions Club International

To Pres. Scruggs, Congratulations on your ascent to the Lion’s lofty position, and all you have accomplished for the Lion’s outstanding efforts.  My tenure with the Lion’s has only been a dozen years and by that time I was deeply involved in pursuing where my curiosity took me — to saving the Patriotic America I grew up in.  The future generations have been dealt an unpatriotic future.  I uncovered the Evil’s secrets, and now I do all that I can to expose them to save Americanism for those future generations.  The quest is grounded in what I learned in military intelligence school — which we didn’t believe at the time — but I discovered in 1970 it was actually happening.  America had an active Enemy Within undermining Her foundation to change America’s culture and beliefs into the ideology of Socialism.  Worst of all it was deeply hidden from the people.  By then, the history of America’s undermining had a chain of events 70 years long and not a word of it had been mention in America’s media.  With the Constitutional Foundation, we moved to expose what the people weren’t being told and have considerable success — and the exposure grows.  Today, TCF moves to have the Constitution’s definition of Treason amended so that all whose efforts can or will destroy the Constitution can be prosecuted for Treason.  The amendment will also give We, the People, the means to protect their freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law for centuries.

I haven’t forgotten that the LCI is still a NGO to the United Nations, and protects the association as though we should brag bout it.  They sleep in a false stupor of immutability along with false pretense that they are not in violation of the LCI’s Constitution and By-Laws.

The United Nations began and is an organization to socialize the world into a one-world government.  It is anti-American, pushing America to cede Her sovereignty to their objective.  It could only be done by undermining America’s foundation and the moles who are responsible serve in the U.N., many willingly, many more unknowingly.  In the meantime, the U.N. has become as corrupt and greedy that Socialism metamorphoses into and renowned leaders don’t overlook the consequences of the corruption that comes home to roost next day.  If the blue flag of a false peace, (there is no way Socialism can ever bring peace, and prosperity to it’s subjects) becomes dominant with their global government, the Stars and Stripes will have to fly under the blue flag.  America’s Constitution, sovereignty, and might, both economic and military, is gone too.  Yet, the LCI sponsors the U.N.’s peace posters contest for youth which indoctrinates young minds into their world view through “Peace Without Borders” and multiculturalism.  Both of those destroy American and all nation’s patriotism and the Constitution.  Why does the LCI abet the United Nations’ treachery?  The Lions Club International does not need the U.N.

When I started this with the LCI, that was stated, which is more true today than it was a mere ten years ago.  The LCI does not need the U.N., but the U.N. does need the LCI.    The LCI should make it’s money go much further to serve those in need with other organizations than the U.N. will ever be able to do.

Furthermore, and most of all, The International Association of Lions Club’s Constitution and By Laws prohibits the discussion or involvement with religious and political subjects.  The United Nations is a very highly political organization whose objective is to eliminate world nations, and especially the United States of America’s political and ideological orientation into an atheist philosophy.  THE LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL HAS NOT STATUS BEING A NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION TO THE UNITED NATIONS.  THAT SHOULD BE UNDONE!

Previous efforts met with silence on the subject, evasiveness, and nothing being done.  There was never any explanation, reason or even an excuse for why the LCI was a NGO to the United Nations.  The LCI has no business doing so.

As President of the LCI, as a veteran of the United States of America, and as a Patriotic Red, White, and Blue American, the Lion’s Club, and especially the American contingent, should cut off all ties with the United Nations.  The LCI should set the example for all the Lions Clubs that the LCI’s Constitution and By Laws are adhered to as they were meant to be.  And as long as the LCI is a willing NGO to the U.N., that is not true.  It opens the way for any or all Clubs to pursue political, ideological and religious pursuits of their choosing.  Undo the LCI’s association with the U.N.

Toby Elster


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