What about the Mosque?

The arguments rage, should the Muslims be allowed to build a mosque at Ground Zero? Which Muslims? Those for peace and prosperity? Or, those for Shariah Law? The Islmaics of the Jihadist’s Brotherhood who believe they should rule the world who follow their prophet’s Koran of Muhammadism.  Those ideas belong in their deserts with their camels, goats, and sheep from which they came.

Mr. Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City and his panel quote the Constitution as why they shouldn’t stop the building of the mosque.  It doesn’t even belong in a Judeo-Christian country.  The minds of the Bloombergs don’t even realize that all laws have limits, including the Constitution.  Humans survive because of their inherent self-interest.  The limits of self-interest, as is all laws, they cannot encroach on, at the expense of others.  Seventy percent of the people say NO to the mosque.  Their rights should not be encroached upon!  Bloomberg should tell Mr. Rauf, the mosque promoter, his idea belongs back in their deserts; and to take Obama and his cabals with them.  A Tulsa radio station suvery said 90% of respondents believe Obama is a Muslim.  I say he is a traitor for destroying the Constitution, the goal of all Socialist/Communists who move to rule the world too!  They and the Brotherhood Islamics can fight it out on the desert and leave those who pursue peace and prosperity be for the people to rule themselves.


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