Preserve the Heartland

The Constitutional Foundation is only a meager financial institution; but we have an extensive library and files of 40 years of researching who, why, how, and a millennium years of history as background, seeking answer to the reasons and causes of America’s deterioration of it’s foundation that the Founder’s built.  The answer to ‘how and why America went wrong.’  And we answered why the Conservative organizations have such a miserable, ineffective history of even hardly slowing America’s plunge into Socialism.  From that, for a simple reason, came a solution to America’s Enemy Within.  The military sets out the principles for the solution.  They teach their soldiers to destroy the enemy, otherwise the enemy will destroy them.  And that is exactly what is happening in America — Her Enemy Within is destroying America’s foundation, Her Constitution, to acquire their objective that is anti-American.

We looked at the situation as a ‘forest’ and concentrated on a permanent solution that will destroy the Enemy Within, so they will never be able to repeat their history again in America.  We have answer and TCF has never had massive amounts of funds.  TCF soon learned people don’t donate money for things they don’t understand, know nothing of, and won’t believe.  But we stayed our course, and, so far, Americans are waking to face the fact, from never having heard or read about socialism in America, now knowing it as fact.  Since they are getting a good lesson on Socialism from the Obama cabal and cadre of what socialism means, TCF now moves forward with a solution that will allow the restoration of the USA to it’s Founder’s creation.  The America I grew up in, served in two Her wars to preserve that America, only to get a rude awakening forty years ago.  I discovered America had an Enemy Within, very active.

I don’t intend to be facetious, but I could have written the letter about the ACLU.  If I would have I’d mentioned that the ACLU was founded by a Fabian Marxist-Socialist, Roger Baldwin in 1920, to socialize America to become the most essential part of their ‘dreamed of’ one-world government.  (The omission was a critical piece of information since the president of the ACLU will not deny it, nor respond to any questions.)  To accomplish their one-world government the Fabian Socialist already knew they would have to destroy the Constitution!  Today they practically have, and are doing a better job of it today by the people’s government.  TCF’s efforts are towards making these Constitution-destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.

How come Patriotic Americans can’t fight back with the Rule of Law?  The Constitutional Foundation found the answer to the question and came up with a solution to America’s anti-American Enemy Within’s induced problems by Her anti-American cabal and cadre of Constitutional-Destroyers.  A simple amendment of Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution which defines Treason, will make America’s Constitution-destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  That would also be ‘untying’ the Patriot’s hands to destroy the Enemy Within with legal means — and knock the likes of the ACLU’s down and out permanently.  The Amendment would give We, the People, the means to guard and defend our freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law from encroachment again, as it would be possible to destroy the encroachers.

We are aware to what it takes to get an amendment to the Constitution enacted. We anticipate a friendly Congress this coming January to approve a meaningful, powerful Amendment.  Ratification would come much easier and hopefully faster.  TCF can visualize at least forty million Patriot Americans ready to fight for a permanently protected Constitution.  They are the ones who will see to the restoration of the Founder’s principles.  If there is some place we are wrong, that isn’t legal, that would prevent the Amendment, we’d like to know about it.  TCF would seek a way around the problem.

TCF’s future plans, after the amendment is enacted, is to leave the ‘trees’, a.k.a. issues, to those whose interest they are, and move to restoring America’s education to teach future generations the independence and patriotism that build America into the power of peace and prosperity She was during Her first 200 years.  America’s Enemy Within, Her Education Socialists, has held sway over American education since the 1950’s and full say since for over 30 years now.  There is a lone that has to be undone.

I hope that you will find this cause important, and become involved.  Spread the message of Amending the Constitution far and wide!

For America’s sake,

Toby Elster


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