Response to The New American “A Brewing Movement”

“The Tea Party People” response to “A Brewing Movement” needs addressed.  “Does the Tea Party Movement have the potential to roll back the federal government’s intrusion into our lives?”  That the more people that are involved, the better chance it will happen is the way to success, except…The greatest force created by humans occurs when a large number, with the same purpose and message, moves in the same direction.  That force has actually destroyed armies.  Are the Tea Partiers capable of creating that kind of force?

Referring to Adelmann’s “Cover Story, to Cover State Debts — Fiscal Reality sets In”, and concentrating on the ‘public elected servants’ short-sightedness of “letting tomorrow take care of itself” should give pause to reflect.  Part Two, “A Way Out”  gives five steps of history’s reasons and causes of why societies commit suicide is where answers will be found to today’s problems.  Are the Tea Parties going to find those answers?  That depends on their foresight and vision for tomorrow towards America’s Enemy Within who they have declared war on.  They are the anti-American Constitution-destroyers for their own objective — a one-world government under the U.N.’s Socialism.

The Conservative efforts, covering 60 years, has hardly even slowed the enemies progress.  More of the same says the Tea Parties are doomed to failure too.  These American Constitution-destroyers are Traitors.  They have to be destroyed so they can’t arise again if put down.  They have to be punishable for Treason.  The permanent solution for that is a simple amendment to the Constitution to make all whose actions can and will destroy the Constitution the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  The amendment will also give We, the People, the means to guard and protect our freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law!  Do the Tea Parties have the vision to use their force to accomplish a permanent solution to America’s induced socialistic problems?  If so, they must move with the same purpose and accomplish that first step or there won’t be the second step.  The restoration of the Founder’s principles by Patriotic Americans!
Toby Elster


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