Saving America!

As one who served in two of America’s wars, what is happening to America today makes my blood boil from madness.  I declared war on America’s Enemy Within and intend to destroy them.  Since time has become a critical factor in Saving America, a lot of help is needed by the Constitutional Foundation to restore the Americanism of the Founders’ principles.

What this letter is going to relate is how, when Obama spoke his first few words after he was nominated, The Constitutional Foundation knew what he was and exactly what his ‘change’ was going to be.  We were not fooled!  What is disgusting though, is that approximately half of the people still thinks he believes in Americanism.  Following is how we knew what Obama was and where he planned to take America.  That must be stopped by today, for tomorrow and forever.  We know how it can be done!

During the Korean War, we were told that Stalin had decided that America could not be ‘had’ with force.  But She could be ‘had’ internally.  We laughed!  In 1970, I discovered it was happening.  America’s foundation, Her Constitution, was being undermined through America’s education system.  My curiosity exploded!  How did it happen?!?  In the next 30 years I researched the truths, who was responsible, their reasons and causes for their treachery, how they operated, their organizations, where their support came from, and why, and from that their weaknesses were revealed.  We also traced out what was happening to America was a chain of events of Western European occurrences 250 years long; of the ‘isms’ of Fascists attempts for a world government.  We concentrated on the ‘forest’ at the expense of the ‘trees’, issues and details, but they are stated in our writings.  That gave us the answers we needed to reveal the Enemy Within’s best-kept secrets.  The intelligence from Stalin’s thoughts came from military intelligence school in 1952 when I was a student.  TCF has exposed all this information in it’s papers and articles that are public.

In 2002, The Constitutional Foundation came to be as a 501 (c3) educational foundation ready to go on the attack.  The first year was a rude awakening and an education in psychology and psychiatry of humans’ ways that is not found in text books.  The first thing we learned was that Americans did not have the slightest idea what Socialism was.  They believed in it’s myths and it wasn’t in America.  That had to be changed if Americans were going to be awakened to what was happening to their America.  In four years, from never hearing or reading of socialism with America, TCF, without funds, made the terms of Socialism, per se, common usage.  Americans found out that America’s Socialized media’s left, liberal, progressive, et al were actually Socialists.

TCF skipped the second step of their plan since Obama came along and is giving Americans an extremely good lesson and exposure to what Socialism is.  We moved to the third step, a direct attack on the Enemy Within.  They have to be taken out of the way to restore Americanism and destroyed, so they can not rise again as they have for the past 250 years.  That can be accomplished with a simple amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason.  TCF undertook that effort about a year ago and makes, but too slow.  We know what has to be done to accomplish an amendment to the Constitution, but opening minds to the solution is more difficult than exposing America’s socialization.  The key people, editors, Veteran organizations’ management, aren’t responding.  The movement will have to be done from the bottom up with the Tea Partiers and individual Veterans; and is a long and slow term process for a pen, typewriter and postage.  TCF recently updated it’s website and the response is growing but has a long way to go to create a groundswell.  Funds could hasten that considerably with some advertising.

With the Amendment enacted, making all whose efforts are seditious, which can or will destroy the Constitution, the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason; will clear the way for the Conservative organizations and their followers to restore the Constitution to the Founders’ principles.  While also giving We, the People, the means to guard and protect their freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law which the Founders warned the people to do; but has been undermined and being destroyed by the Enemy Within.

The fourth step to keep any future enemy within from arising again is reclaiming the schools from America’s Educational-Socialists indoctrinating minds with a world view of Socialist’s global world who control the schools through the National Education Association and the Department of Education.  The schools must be restored to teach so that students can learn, including patriotism and individualism so America will once again become the power and force to peace and prosperity She was for the first 200 years, and all were proud to be Americans.

The Constitutional Foundation is a shoe-string operation to date.  To accomplish the restoration of Americanism will take an enlarged organization to become self-sustaining.  In the mean time TCF needs the seed funds and guidance to make it so.  Would you be interested in getting TCF in shape to destroy America’s Enemy Within and restore Americanism for centuries to come?  Our confidence that the Conservative organizations are organized in that direction and on the right track doesn’t overwhelm us as being able to lead the attack.  They try the same things that have failed so miserably for sixty years.  That is not a plan for a timely victory to save America!  Either they don’t know who their enemy is, or don’t understand that the enemy must be eliminated before they can accomplish their objectives.

Toby Elster


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