To All Tea Party Patriots

How much influence The Constitutional Foundation had in the Tea Parties coming into being, we don’t know, and it is immaterial.  You are America’s blessing, a shining light at the end of the tunnel that will destroy America’s Enemy Within; Her anti-American Socialists/ Communists movers, Constitution destroyers that Patriotic America Tea Parties have declared war on.

The Letterhead sets out The Constitutional Foundation’s objective, the enclosures elaborate the message.  The pertinent ones are with this note.  The others are background.  It introduces those you fight and informs on those who ‘grease’ their movement to put America into the United Nations’ one-world government under their blue flag of a false peace.  They are the world’s most powerful.  But if America denies the U.N., America’s sovereignty and their participation, they are crippled and their objective is not attainable.  Every Red, White, and Blue American must see that these anti-Americans are denied their objective.  How this war can be won is outlined!

The brief resume: I first learned that Stalin believed America could be socialized into Communism in military intelligence school.  We laughed!  Never to America!?!  In 1970, I discovered America had a very active Enemy Within doing just that!  American colleges were indoctrinating students into socialism.  My curiosity exploded, and my patriotism boiled over.  How did they do it?  Twenty years later I had the truths; the who’s, why’s and how’s.  Ten more years later I knew and understood the Enemy Within; their mind, capability, methods, and WEAKNESS.  In 2002, The Constitutional Foundation came to be, to undo the Enemy Within.  The first year was an education about humanity that one doesn’t learn in psychology books.  The next year we learned we were on the right track.

Socialists succeed with determination and persistence, and overcome their lies from a lack of ethics and morals, and by using deceit, treachery, and an ‘anything-goes’ attitude.  Take Obamacare for instance, and how they got it passed.  TCF learned to use their determination and persistence with the truths.  When we knew we were right, we never took ‘no’ for an answer.  What had been kept from Americans for over a hundred years, TCF exposed the socialization of America in four years.  That was the first step to a solution of destroying America’s Enemy Within which is a must as the first priority to the restoration of the Constitution to it’s former power of the Rule of Law, America’s foundation; which the enemy has been chipping away at since Woodrow Wilson was President.

The second step, informing the people of what Socialism is and it’s consequences, Obama and his cabal and cadre of Socialists are doing an excellent job of teaching Americans what it means, and how they destroy the Constitution to gain their objective; so TCF moved to the third step to destroying the Enemy Within.  The way to destroy the Enemy Within with the Rule of Law and energize Patriotic America to move in that direction to SAVE AMERICA; their America, is with an amendment to the Constitution.  This is an addition to the definition of TREASON that the Founders may have overlooked.

From it’s four decades of researching America’s Enemy Within, the Constitutional Foundation moves on a few principles proven to work.  In summary, the first is why the Constitution is the way to peace and prosperity.  Peace, to attain prosperity, is allowing humans their basic needs and wants; proven by America’s first 200 years of freedom and individualism of never doubted patriotism acquired by the education of Americanism.

Human ingenuity is the best provider and organizer for their needs and wants.  All authority (governments) do is get in the way.  And the bigger the government, the more in the way it gets, until it becomes a hindrance on the way to the failure of it’s economy, because humans lose their incentive to produce when denied the benefits of their labor to those who govern.

That is why the enemy must be destroyed.  The military teaches it’s soldiers to destroy the enemy.  Otherwise the enemy will destroy them.  From Roger D. McGrath’s essagy, “Struggle for Freedom”, (1979) “…the expedition sallied forth in June with explicit order from General Washington to completely eliminate the Iroquois menace forevermore.” (And if one understands humanity, one will know nothing has changed since then.)  Destroying Americanism is exactly what America’s Enemy Within is doing to America today.  America’s foundation is the Constitution.  Remove enough sustaining members and the structure comes down, be it a bridge, building or Constitution.  The Constitution is under attack, threatened, and shaky because the Enemy Within has been chipping away at it since 1914 when Woodrow Wilson was seated as President.  Franklin Roosevelt undermined it’s power and the attack started.

The base for the Constitution’s destruction was laid in 1899 when the Fabian Marxists-Socialists penetrated the Ivy League colleges of influence with their ‘New Education’.  They came to America from London as Liberals, well aware that the Constitution stood in their way of obtaining their objective, and that it would have to go.  John D. Rockefeller funded their movement will eleven million dollars because he wanted a one-world government.  America’s Americanism was now under attack.

The chain-of-events of the ‘isms’ of Fascism that destroys Americanism today proves these people don’t go away.  Their efforts go back 250 years coming out of Germany.  Their philosophy goes back to Biblical Times; or perhaps to when humans began to trade.  That is when communities came to be, and humans allowed themselves to be governed.  The followers of ‘isms’ always arise again and again after being shut down, so a permanent solution to their destruction is the only way to stop them from arising again.  That is what the Constitutional Foundation has come up with amending the Constitution.

Did the Founders overlook giving the Constitution a means to protect itself?  And We, the People, the means to guard and protect our freedoms, rights, and Rule of Law, the Constitution, so it couldn’t be destroyed?  The way is not in the Constitution.  A previous law of 1948 to do so, addresses overthrowing the government, has been undermined and fallen by the wayside — unused and dead for all practical purposes, since these overthrowers are the government.  A simple amendment to the Constitution’s definition of Treason is recommended and suggested to make those whose efforts can or will destroy the Constitution be made the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason!  The suggested amendment is set out in the last paragraph of the paper, “Obama, America’s Traitor in the White House”.

TCF invites your attention to the letter to the New American.  It should be enlightening to what must be avoided as a ‘band-aid’ solution to America’s Enemy Within problem.  This is why previous efforts to stop America’s Enemy Within have been such a futile effort.  It doesn’t take an ‘ism’ to create such an enemy.  That behavior is inborn in humans.  Will the suggested amendment stop it?  Only if the people are aware and alert to it’s coming, and that takes an understanding of Socialism’s ways.

The amendment can be accomplished with the Tea Partiers moving as stated in the letter to the New American.  I have reason to believe the Tea Partiers are approximately one-third Veterans.  TCF moves, through the Veteran’s organizations, to energize them too as stated.  Veterans have a reason to be mad at what has happened to their America.  Help wake them up too!

All the Tea Parties must be made aware to move as one to make their Enemy Within the TRAITORS they are.  Once accomplished, then each Tea Party can pursue their issues to restore the Founder’s principles.  BUT THEY MUST DESTROY THE ENEMY FIRST! Or it won’t be the last, be it one generation or a few.

Get the message out to all.  The message must be spread far, wide, and often — as soon, so that there is a solution to America’s deterioration becomes known.  With a friendly Congress in January, it will be a blessing to be able to move on ahead with amending the definition of TREASON.

For America’s Sake

Toby Elster


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