Letter to the Wichita Eagle

Dear Editor:

Regarding Bonnie Bressers item, “Journal Skills are Crucial in a Democracy”, (The Wichita Eagle, Sept. 23, 2010), states “journalism fulfills a higher purpose of upholding a tradition and an ethic that communicates…the important issues of the day.  It’s fundamental to a free and informed democracy.”  Is that so?!?  Which journalism school teaches those principles?

The media was given freedom of the press.  What was omitted was the press has to report honestly and truthfully.  Nor did Bressers mention it, but implied it.  That should have included censorship by omission — and the press actually became America’s greatest traitors.

When did the press report and tell the people that FDR was not the saint they made him, but a Fabian Socialist whose New Deal was to socialize America?  He also allowed Communists and Socialists into the high levels of his administration against the FBI’s advice.  Ever read that in the media?

When did the media report that Harry Truman was also a traitor to his Oath of Office, and instead of cleaning up the mess FDR left him, created a great cover-up and vilified a Senator who was trying to tell the people the truth?

It appears Bressers should take off her rose-colored glasses, and take a deeper look at what the journalism schools are teaching.  Thanks to the internet and a couple of honest publishers, all this is being exposed.

Toby Elster


One thought on “Letter to the Wichita Eagle

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