Response to Wall Street Journal Editorial

Many Kudos to Bookshelf reviewer, Edward Kosner, for his review of “Poisoning the Press” (WSJ, Sept. 23, 2010), of Mark Feldstein’s history of Richard Nixon’s ‘in-office’ problems.  The Constitutional Foundation seeks the truths in determining why America got socialized, for the reason and causes, to better understand solutions to America’s Enemy Within’s efforts to destroy the Constitution.  If we missed it, we apologize, but where is the review of M. Stanton Evans book, “Blacklisted by History”?  That is a news story!

How an American President, Harry Truman, could have been our second George Washington.  Instead, Truman chose to create ‘The Great Cover-up’, to deliver to his political ‘beholden’.  He chose to save the Democrat Party (patriotism being so then that if the people knew what FDR did to America, they would have ended the party), had he cleaned up the mess that FDR left him.  That would have been the end of the socialization of America.  America’s Enemy Within would not be in charge of the White House or Congress today.  It is not too late to tell your reads.  TCF tells them the truth.  Our website continues to grow! Stop the Enemy Within!

Toby Elster


2 thoughts on “Response to Wall Street Journal Editorial

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  2. Not only did the Wall Street Journal fail to review Blacklisted by History, it actually published an essay by Ronald Kessler trashing McCarthy, along with authors M. Stanton Evans (author of Blacklisted by History) and Ann Coulter (for her book Treason). In response, Evans wrote a letter to the editor, but the WSJ refused to publish it, so he responded with an article in Human Evants, which you can read here.

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