The Human Mind and Socialism – A madness in the asylum of a self-structured insanity

Quoting from a paper by Ellis Washington (“Liberalism: Mental Disorder?”) who refers to Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter Jr., M.D.’s book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness (2008)”; should the terms confuse, they write of Socialism, on of the numerous titles that America’s socialized media hides American Socialism and Socialists under.

“It’s all madness.  Objectively, liberalism is national genocide!”

“There are many characteristics of liberalism that are associated with the classical symptoms of madness.”  Four are named as: “perception of victimization; satisfying infantile claims to entitlements; primative feelings envy; and rejection of the sovereignty of the individual, subordinating him to the will of the government.”

“In applying Rossiter’s theory that liberalism is a psychological disorder”, mentioned is a list of what liberals (socialists) do that a social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation, and moral integrity” (which is enumerated by the Founders in the Constitution as the rights of the people).  A legislator who understands human nature will not create an environment of rules which over-regulates and over-taxes the nation’s citizens, corrupts their character and reduces them to wards of the state — as liberals (socialists) do.”

Dr. Rossiter went on to descrive liberalism (socialism) as “based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions; modern liberals relentlessly undermined the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded.”

“Virtually every word uttered, printed, or recorded by liberals is a dishonorable, unbroken litany of treason against America’s laws, economics, culture, society, and her most sacred values.”

And these people who have become a majority in our houses of government are they not traitors who should be punished for treason?  They should be, sane or insane,  for destroying the very foundation that America was built on, Her Constitution.

The Constitutional Foundation in a previous paper, “The Human Mind and Socialism: The Insanity of Socialism”, set out the consequences that would befall America should Socialism’s progress not be stopped and reversed.  Socialism has a point of not return from which no nation that has progressed into an autocracy (and a couple of our past Presidents have suggested that they stay past their two terms) that hasn’t had to destroy their economic base into poverty and misery to get rid of the oppressors, either with a coup or by a civic uprising, aka a civil war.

That Socialists and their Socialism, whether they are labeled as Leftists, Liberals, Multiculturalists, Feminists, political environmentalists (pink color blind Greens), or one-worlders, aren’t mentally unbalanced from indoctrination of untruths and misled by doctored false facts.  Lawrence W. Reed, an economist, professor and writer on the subject of “Character, Liberty and Economics” has this to say.

“A free society is impossible without character — honesty, humility, responsibility, self-discipline and optimist.  Sadly, those qualities are shrinking.”  And that can be traced back to the coming of Socialism to Americans.  As it grew in the society, so did the decline of patriotism, individualism, and integrity.  As the education of Americanism was downgraded in the classroom, and even entirely eliminated, the education that built America to the world’s hope for peace and prosperity from Her generosity, wealth, and power of America’s first 200 years, that was established from the character of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, has been undermined and spat upon.

Reed sums it up, “I now believe that nexus is the central issue we must address if our liberties and free economy are not to be restored and preserved…The missing ingredient here is character.  In America’s first century, we possessed it in abundance,…it kept our liberties substantially intact…And close-minded, politically correct or head-in-the-sand types will never recover from the lessons of history and human action.”

“Bad character leads to bad economics, which is bad for liberty.  Ultimately, whether we live free and in harmony with the laws of economics or stumble in the dark thrall of serfdom is a character issue.”

So does history teach those lessons?  Right into the face of the close-minded, political correct people, hopefully some heads will come out of the sand, from that lesson that filled the pages of international news the past 60 years.  “Rolling back the Socialist Tide; where Maggie Winston failed, lessons for today”, — Andrew B. Wilson’s lengthy essay in the American Spectator, May 2010, can’t state it better.

Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister and World War II hero, was supposed to be a ‘shoo in’ for another term as the War came to an end.  Instead the Labour Party, a socialistic inclinded worker’s party, under Clement Attlee, won the election.  The author noted, that during the War, England had swung leftward, but in his detailed dissertation of England’s political history leading up to the event, England’s change was already 50 years in coming.  Mentioned is Beatrice and Sydney Webb, but not their Marxist-Socialists and founders of the Fabians (who also socialized America in their efforts for a socialized world in a one-world government).  Their activity changing British mentality during the War, as the Conservatives concentrated on winning the War, was already leading England towards Socialism.  This was on top of Churchill ceding to Labour’s numerous demands to get the Labour Party to join the War effort.

Socialist policies ruled or were never changed during the years from 1945-1979.  They were described as, “Churchill did a ‘me-too’ to almost all of Attlee’s changes (putting Socialism’s nationalization into England) feeling he had no mandate to reverse the Labour Party’s nationalization, or to curtail the union’s privileges or dismantle the national health service.” Price controls were also left in place for years.  “Britain slowly turned from what Napoleon had somewhat enviously called ‘a nation of shopkeepers’ into a nation of zombie industries, zero job creation, negligible new business formations, and an ever-worsening living standards.”  The “Margaret Thatcher enters Britain’s Winter of Discontent.”

“Churchill describes Socialism as ‘the morbid doctrine that nothing matters but the equal sharing of miseries.'”  Yet he did nothing, nor did those who followed, who were ‘go-alongs’ to changing things.  Margaret Thatcher inherited a Britain of zombie industries, zero job creation, negligible new business formations and ever-worsening living standards from the mentality of the unions’ induced socialism.  Thatcher, in her Conservative Party speech called it as it was.  “Now you, the trade union leaders, have great power…but look at the position of your members today….You want higher wages, better pensions, shorter work hours, more government spending, more investment, more — more — more.  But where is the ‘more’ going to come from?  There is no more.  There can be, but there will not be, unless we all produce it.”  So instead of listening, the trade unions called strikes and demonstrations which brought commerce to a standstill, closed schools and airports, and left garbage in the streets, and hospitals without nurses.  Disgruntled union members crossed over and voted Conservative.  Thatcher won the election handily.  She summed up how Britain had been undone, not by”unusually wicked people”, but by those with “good intentions to pave the well-worn path twice over.”  And today, America follows in the footsteps that deteriorated England and brought commerce to a halt.

Thatcher’s legacy was built over the years of bringing England out of paving the streets of good intentions and back to prosperity, very similar to what the Tea Parties are demanding of the Republicans.  She made steep cuts in income taxes, particularly at higher levels of income (as Reagan did); a sustained policy to reduce public borrowing and monetary growth; the abolition of exchange controls, and controls on prices, incomes, dividends, along with measure to promote greater competition and choice in financial services along with a program of trade union reforms with more control of the workers over their trade unions.  Later, she privatized England’s industry again.  England became a leading industrial nation in Europe.  Even though England has had a couple of Labour governments since Thatcher, they haven’t been able to do much damage to Thatcher’s legacy.  But Socialism is still present in the society, tearing at the British resolve to maintain her culture, mores, religion, and fortitude.  Why?  Because the beliefs of Socialism hasn’t been educated out of the society.  But those of greed and corruption, the evil, for unlimited power still move to attain their global government.

I questioned an acquaintance, an individual of religious understanding and a minister, who is fluent in Russian and their Communist ideology, if he believed that the Socialists and their believers were somewhat insane.  He thought a minute, then replied, “Let’s see.  People know Socialism never works.  They also should be aware of Socialism’s consequences having delivered the people misery instead of what was promised.  Yet, people move towards Socialism and believe their lies of getting something and offering nothing.  In that case, I would say they are mentally unbalanced.”

But what about America?

The author, Andrew Wilson, writes it as “Deja Vu All Over Again — Only Backward”, commenting on Obama’s nomination speech.  “I was struck again and again at how Mr. Obama seemed to pick up on each and every aspect of Thatcherism — and take it in the exact opposite direction: a recrudescence of free enterprise into Socialism, or statism.”  And as we are watching America today, after almost two years as Obama’s Socialism for America, the country grows economically weaker, deeper into debt, less sure of itself, more divided, and those in power, more corrupted to attain their Socialists’ ends.  If that isn’t insanity, then what is?  It is insanity for the society to allow itself to move towards committing suicide, but what drives those who do it?

First, perhaps, should minds be blanked by English events, closer to home might be more informative.  America’s government schools tell the same history, but needing a Thatcher for a solution.

America’s Fabian Education Socialists, with the same mentality of Socialists minds, commencing with the Fabian’s great booster, John Dewey, became president of the National Education Association (NEA) in 1932.  The indoctrination of socialism in American government schools (k-12) commenced with ‘the government should do’ for what the people were doing for themselves.  Also, on the sly, the moving of ‘closet Educational Socialists’ into positions within the NEA with the intent of taking control was underway.  In the 1950’s the Education Socialists got control of the NEA and turned it into a teacher’s union for control and power. Now, the Socialists agenda moved into Congress to influence legislation they desired.  In the classrooms instruction began a dumbing down of learning from the schooling that made Americans patriotic, independent, self-sufficient from a society of thinkers to a de-emphasis of those attributes to one of followers, dependent on government, and workers in the interest of forming a Statist government for America.

In the late 1970’s, Jimmy Carter gave the Education Socialists their coveted Department of Education, a ‘pay-off’ for their aid to make him president.  Now they had control of the classroom curriculum!  A ‘seeping’ creep of changing text books to promote the United Nation’s world view and Americanism was eased out.  Americans were being softened up for the coming generations to accept America to cede Her sovereignty, might and power to the U.N.’s one-world government.  In the meantime, the schools, under Socialist control, were deteriorating into unruly students, teachers who couldn’t or wouldn’t teach, corruption of accomplishment records was common, while the school issued uneducated students graduation diplomas, and running the schools kept growing evermore expensive.  Socialism at it’s worst has taken over America’s government education and created a disfunctional, dangerous situation for both teachers and students.  Unfortunately, there is not Margaret Thatcher coming forward.  Perhaps the patriotic teachers will rebel and take back their NEA and start the Socialists on the way out.  Then the teachers and parents can return education to created individualism, self-sufficiency, patriotism and thinkers once again.  Congress is too corrupt as they cater to the unions who keep them in office.  It is up to the people to stop the Educational Socialists’ insanity.

Obama is not the first president who America’s socialized media has made into a saint to cover up their anti-American socialist’s beliefs.  Franklin D. Roosevelt was a full blossomed Fabian Socialist while still governor of New York, prior to being elected president in 1932.  He was nominated by those who controlled the nomination process, and moved to socialize America from his first day in office.  Even though his three projects to socialize America all failed — to nationalize the utilities, make the people dependent on the government and communitize America, he did manage to set the foundation for Socialism to move into the society.  Pearl Harbor brought an end to that.  But, as labor did in Britain, they couldn’t take control of America after World War II.  It did expose an Enemy Within America and America’s Socialists went underground, mostly into Academia, indoctrinating students and awaiting their opportunity.  They exposed themselves during the Vietnam War.

It was the Fabians (of London), under the false belief that Socialism was the answer for world poverty, that socialized England and her colonies.  Those who bought into the Fabian’s teaching became America’s Enemy Within, moving to destroy the Constitution in order to socialize America.  FDR gave them their world headquarters during WWII, so they were very active here under cover of the War, as they were in England.  The insanity of Socialism has no limits, as it stays focused on attaining it’s objective of the greedy and corrupt for unlimited power over the world’s commerce, the life blood of all nations.

America, following FDR, as the English did under Winston Churchill, has had it’s usual ‘go alongs’ and ‘me toos’ in the White House; and the insanity of Socialism undermines the society as it did in England.  But the Enemy Within in America was stronger than the English Socialists were when Thatcherism set them back.  That did not happen to America under Ronald Reagan.  Now, America has a mental set of Socialist/Communist in the White House and three dozen ‘Czars’ running the government, churning out thousands of pages of rules and regulations, as they ignore the Rule of Law, tearing pages out of the Constitution.  How much damage they will do before they are expelled from the seats of power is unpredictable.  That cabal of Constitution-destroyers are not even patriotic, as their insanity towards humanity is welded to their objective of delivering to the greedy and corrupt of unlimited power.  They do not serve We, the People!

Perhaps it was Einstein who noted that doing the same thing over and over again in expectation of getting different results is insanity.  And Socialists are famous for having failed time and time and time again.  Nor is Obama and his cadre of followers an exception, as America moves in the footsteps of pre-Thatcher’s England.

There is only one solution to this insanity.  Socialism must be destroyed.  It can be, and must be done.  They must be driven out of the way permanently, or they will be back.  Once they are gone, then Americanism can be restored and the schools rid of the insane’s control.  Americans must be taught the evils of what has tried to destroy those who create peace, which leads to prosperity, as was proven in America’s first 200 years.  Knowing of evil’s ways is necessary to keep evil from arising again.  And the evil are Socialists.

There is a way to do it.  But it is up to the people to get it done before America’s insane Socialists destroy the Constitution and America’s economy, which is already under severe attack and weakened.

The Americans, patriotic and concerned for their heirs, who are the people with the answers are Conservatives.  America needs them in power to give the society a Thatcherism treatment.  It is everyone’s duty to see to it.  America’s ballot boxes are still nearly all honest.  That is the place to go to SAVE AMERICA by saving Her Constitution.  The Tea Parties lead the way. Follow them!

Toby Elster


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