About the National Alliance

I suppose you’ve wondered why the National Alliance ‘had’ to come to be.  We can’t say we disagree with your motive.  In fact, one of your great supporters, who will be coming to your Convention, from here, keeps our little discussion group well informed of motives and objectives of the National Alliance.

It is the National Alliance’s mode of operation to attain it’s ends that prompts this correspondence.  Your efforts could be much, much more effective, and draw better acceptable attention pursuing your goals with a broader outlook.

When I discovered America’s Enemy Within, Her anti-American Socialists and Communists, who must destroy the Constitution to attain their ends, I spent 30 years researching all there was to know about them, and the next ten years doing something about it.  We did expose the socialization of America as the first step to saved Americanism.  But we also searched for, and found, the answer to why the Conservatives had such a miserable record of hardly slowing the Socialist’s progress.  That gave us the solution to America’s problem with the Enemy Within.  Through it all, we got a very good education on how governments are influenced and the uninvolved get screwed.  For instance, the NA’s attitude of the ‘whites’ being attacked, came out of the Civil Rights Law.  Sans the details, that law was put together by the Enemy Within, with Martin Luther King Jr. as their mouth piece.  No different then what goes on in the White House today.  A review of all the laws that they Civil Rights Law spawned does nothing but support the socialization of America.  Not surprisingly against the whites who (still) are the powerful and in control.  The ones they must destroy to gain their ends — take over the government; as is happening under the Obama administration.  We could see all this coming, except their haste of desperation.

Toby Elster

I am not the supporter of this group.  All Americans deserve the right to live in freedom.


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