New Deal, Old Modus Operandi

The “Correction, Please!” column in The New American’s Sept. 28 issue was an excellent history of how Social Security came to be.  Social Security was never meant to be a retirement plan, only a way for FDR to find more taxes, having already bled the people dry.  FDR was already a hardened Fabian Socialist.

The New Deal was one of three major objectives to socialize America – similar to what Obama is attempting today – which all failed.  To take national control of the utilities, the Tennessee Valley Authority was created.  The Works Program Administration was the method to make the people dependent on government, while the Casa Grande Project was a communitizing effort. After spending $50 million (1930 dollars), the Casa Grande Project fell flat.  It didn’t attract anyone, so naturally they needed another $50 million to make it work, ignoring the fact that there was no way to put an American in a commune back then.

So Social Security was dreamed up as a way to get into the worker’s paychecks, along with the employer’s cash registers.  The money went directly into the Treasury, and payees had no rights to it.  The second $50 million was then spent, with the same results.  The concrete ditches are still there, as far as I know, never used, a monument to FDR.

It only took two years before Social Security became a political football.  The farmers became included in the program, and if they paid into the system for two years and were 65, they started drawing benefits.  My father loved to get his check.  He considered it a monument to stupidity, having long before commented that we sent the dumbest idiots there were to Congress.

Toby Elster


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