Problems with Social Security and Medicare

TCF, the Constitutional Foundation, a seeker for the truths and facts, can not agree with the efforts of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare for all future beneficiaries.  But we do agree that they should be.  But more so, we move to protect, as a first priority, Americanism and the Constitution, or there won’t be any Americanism left.  Because after 110 years of America’s Enemy Within, if the road America is on currently doesn’t change, we’ll have the Statism government your great admirer, FDR, helped put America on.  We write, and hope, you and the National Committee will see that first priorities must come first.

Your letter spoke of 17 years in Congress, then ‘double-dipping’ in the SS administration.  My only time in government was in the military during two of America’s Wars to save FREEDOM, and 40 years as an independent businessman.  Thank God none of my experience was in Washington D.C., around the ‘beltway’.  It didn’t distract my mind as to what the people need and want that brings peace and prosperity.  You are completely wrong about what will save Social Security and Medicare.  Privatizing S.S. into the retirement plan it was ‘spun’ to be and it’ll save Medicare too.

What follows is what an editor agrees with me about FDR and Social Security. (P.S. My father, a Democrat and FDR supporter shared a comment coming from FDR’s farm program which he couldn’t understand being paid for.  It’s quoted below in the reproduced letter.  I can’t recall that it changed his mind about FDR, but when he was told to destroy his crops, he said, “NEVER! Now when people are hungry.”  He let them come and help themselves, if he couldn’t sell a crop.  That program was the stupidity of Keynsian economics.  Why do we have it back? Except we know, and that is why we work with priorities to SAVE AMERICA.)

The only answer to S.S. and Medicare is privatization.  What good will Medicare be if the doctors all leave the program, which is happening?  While the S.S. Fund is only a lock-box full of I.O.U’s.  It has never had a penny worth of cash in it.  That should be easy to understand when the Democrat’s political spin didn’t let the Republican’s plan under George W. Bush even get a hearing.  There are at least two privatization plans in my files and library that say, “If your Committee wasn’t so proud of stopping Bush’s plan to start privatization, Social Security would be on the way to being saved.”  The seniors would be protected under the plan as is, while the young adults would be accumulating a real retirement fund that would pay their medical insurance, and their retirement would pay three times (that’s 300%) more than they will ever get from Social Security as it is now.  Yes, FDR’s ‘great plan’ takes 70% of what a true retirement plan would have paid.  I didn’t research Medicare after the Congressional demonstration of stupidity, (translated as knowing but doing the dumb things anyway).  Congress killed a start to the privatization of S.S.

How we got a cadre of Socialists and Communists in the White House and Congress, by undoing the Constitution so they could create America into a Statist government leaves us (and that includes the Tea Parties) at a loss.  The Socialization of America is an untold political history secret of America, which TCF exposes, bit by bit.  The Constitutional Foundation’s idea is to SAVE AMERICA by saving Her Constitution from America’s Enemy Within’s Constitution destroyer’s.  Your letter never mentioned it!  Were you in Congress for 17 years, then worked for the government, and were not aware of it?  How could that be?  Were all of you in Congress’ experience so uninformed?  How can laws be written and enacted that work if one isn’t aware of the source of the proble, the reasons and causes for problems?

The Constitutional Foundation could write the book of America’s untold political history, 1900 to date, if the funds were available.  Perhaps, for America’s sake, with a longevity of a permanent America, with Her Constitution holding out the hope for peace and prosperity for centuries to come, that America enjoyed for most of 200 years at stake, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, would consider undertaking the project?  Your committee would be broadening their outlook and preserving Americanism too.

The Constitutional Foundation moves forward and gathers attention standing with a couple of adages that have proven to be all too true:

As the military knows; that if one doesn’t destroy their enemy, the enemy will destroy you.  And that is exactly what is happening to America.

Human ingenuity is the best provider and organizer for people’s needs and wants.  All the government does is get in the way.  And the larger the government, the more in the way, until it’s presence gets counter-productive and destructive.  And that is where America is today?

The Constitutional Foundation does not mean any affront or discourtesy, but for America’s sake, the facts must be stated, the truths must be known!

Toby Elster


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