The Economist “Lexington – The Perils of Constitution-Worship” Response

The Economist, Sept. 25, 2010, “Lexington – The Perils of Constitution-Worship”, “…Principals of the tea party movement is based on a myth.”  Is that so?!?! And 70% of the patriotic Americans support them.  I suppose the Webbs and their Fabians were a myth too?

That “slim book — the size of a passport”, after blooding King George’s ego, built the greatest, most wealthy, most powerful nation ever and showed the world the way to peace and prosperity.  Seems to me we served to save England before they had to bow to Hitler.

Are you ashamed of your Fabians?  They didn’t get mentioned and that is the reality of the Tea Party’s attack.  The Fabians only socialized Western Europe, their colonies, then came to America to do the same to America.  They already had a colony in New York known as Turtle Bay.  Their world headquarters of Socialism sits there now.  Arriving in America, they proceeded to ‘invade’ with their “New Education”. the influential instructing colleges of the Ivy League.  If it hadn’t been another Cecil Rhodes’ one-world government believer, John D. Rockefeller, giving the Fabians movement millions of dollars, they’d probably turned into dust too, as did many dozen others’ efforts to socialize America.

You socialized British believe your Fabians were a myth, and I can see their footprints in the world’s problems in Africa, Australia, and throughout North and South America, sprouted out of their Western European beginning.

If the Constitutional Foundation can get the Tea Partiers to see the light, and get the ‘slim book’ amended to make all those whose efforts are to destroy it, the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason, it will wipe all the Fabians in America out of America’s way.

The Tea Parties just move to save the ‘slim book’, they grew up under.  It’s too bad the Brits didn’t move against the Fabians that way.

Toby Elster


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