To Human Events

Since I write (and in panic) I also wish to thank you for your letter last fall acknowledging not being taken in by the Fabians.  They are our inspiration to continue.  Knowing of the Fabians certainly isn’t true of many who aren’t or that should be.  I write in panic concerning L.R. Halsted’s ad about a Constitutional Convention.  I do not believe he understands what he purposes; that will not resonate with the people strong enough to overcome those who such a Convention will really benefit.  America doesn’t have the patriotism anymore to stand against the strength and will, the unbending attitude of the powerful and their control of the media to stop the Fabian types taking over a Convention for their purpose.  There are too many Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s, Socialist Democrats, RINO’s and anti-Americans without any ethics or respect for the law to give them an opportunity to take over the Convention, like they have numerous organizations and foundations that gives them the means to accomplish their objective.  A Con-Con would certainly be the most dear one for their objective and make straw out of the Constitution to get it out of their way.

Hopefully, for the sake of America, you’ll find the space for what follows.  Thank you!

“Amending our Constitution to Better Serve the People”, (Human Events, Sept. 29, 2010), by a Constitutional Convention would be the greatest mistake for Patriotic Americans that they could be blessed with.  What you fail to realize, Mr. Halsted, is what has gone wrong with America, and why.  What caused that which you stated needs fixing, and we agree.  After the Constitution worked for almost 200 years, spreading peace and prosperity for humanity, what changed in America that undermines all that the Founders created for Her?

Two major things occurred which caused an ideological difference from what America was to what she is today.  First, the Fabians (of London) brought their Marxist-Socialism to America, knowing they had to destroy the Constitution to attain their objective of socializing America into their idea of a one-world government.  That is Obama’s agenda and his ‘change’!  John D. Rockefeller, who saw the economic benefits that a global government would be for his international pursuits, funded the Fabians with $11 million.

The Fabians ‘bought’ their ‘New Education’ to be taught in the Ivy League Colleges’ schools of influence to penetrate the government.  Through John Dewey, a Fabian believer and promoter, they undermined and got control of the National Education Association and turned it into a teachers’ union for power and control of American education.  They commenced dumbing-down American education for their socialistic world-view.  In the late 1970’s, Jimmy Carter gave them the Department of Education.  Now they had control of the classroom curriculum, American instruction was eased our and replaced with the United Nation’s world-view and Americans were acquiring a socialistic mindset.

America’s Enemy Within, Her Constitution destroying anti-Americans were now acquiring a following of non-patriotic, socialist inclined growing minority to their view.  Today they control the White House and have a majority in Congress.  That is not the mentality of Americans.  A Patriotic America wants to trust and protect Americanism, whose leaders of a dogmatic attitude, have no ethics, end-run America’s laws, and want to rewrite the Constitution to serve their anti-American objective.  Why give them the chance with a Constitutional Convention?

First Patriotic America must retake their schools and educate Americanism, independence and self-sufficiency once again.  Then two generations later, if still necessary, the Constitution can be restored to the greatness it was through a Constitutional Convention by a totally patriotic America.

But the Constitution can be amended, without a Convention, to make these anti-American Constitution destroyers the Traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  While the Oath of Office gets ‘teeth that bite’ for all who swear to abide by it, but don’t.

Toby Elster


One thought on “To Human Events

  1. Toby … Thank you for at least starting the comment.
    I read LR Halsted short article in HE (Dec-13-2010). If you could contact him which I don’t really know how, you should tell him that his “second” admendment that the “Federal Government must bear the entire financial burden of …” — Does he even understand who the federal government is — we the people. The government had no money except what it takes from us (decreasing capital) or prints (thru the Fed) which robs our capital (by decreasing the value of the money.
    This is important: we hold the credit and faith of the government.

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